‘They Are All The Same to Him’: Watch Biden Confuse Syria and Libya Multiple Times During G7 Speech


from Sputnik News:

What may be yet another gaffe on the part of the 46th US president may in fact reflect the United States’ overall approach to the MENA region, where, as many netizens have suggested, the US has created a lot of disorder and chaos, not in line with what their officially declared objectives are in the region.

The G7 summit on Sunday has been marked by yet another embarrassing mixup, thanks to US President Joe Biden, who wasn’t sure which country he was speaking about — Libya or Syria.

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Since 2011, both countries have been engulfed in civil wars in the wake of Arab Spring uprisings that rocked the region, with demonstrators demanding political and socio-economic reforms.

​Netizens were left unamused, however, as this is not the first time Biden has had trouble remembering names or loc, and also because his gaffe this time can be considered symbolic — demonstrating probable ignorance or even lack of concern on the part of Washington about significant issues, or perhaps it reveals how American policy towards these two countries has not differed much. This is what many users have suggested.

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