After Attacking Motherhood And The American Flag, Now They Are Going After Apple Pie – Is There Anything Left That The Liberals Won’t Attack?


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

My last piece dealt with the recent controversy after a NYT editorial board member saying that seeing the American flags on cars with other pro-Trump signage was “disturbing,” but then we see a couple other bits of recent news that gives us the bigger picture of how liberals are trying to destroy everything Americans have held dear for generations.

Motherhood? Nah, to the Biden regime the term Mother or motherhood, is now officially listed as “birthing people,” in his budget proposal.

“So is the administration’s official policy to replace the term ‘woman’ with ‘birthing people’?” Smith asked.

Young replied, “I think our official policy is to make sure that when people get service from their government that they feel included, and we’re trying to use inclusive language.”


Young’s update on the Biden budget’s use of progressive language comes after Missouri Democratic representative Cori Bush was lambasted by conservatives for calling black mothers “black birthing people” at a House Oversight Committee hearing on black maternal health.

Opponents of gender-inclusive terminology contend that neutralizing words meant exclusively for women devalues and diminishes the female experience, a key part of which is often motherhood.


To their way of thinking this makes perfect  sense since “men” can now have babies, or to phrase that more accurately women pretending to be men and still have their uterus, can still give birth.

But because “she” wants to be called “he”, and still have the working inner parts to give birth,  using the term “mother,”  even though that is exactly what “she” is, is somehow offensive.

Think about that type of “logic’ too hard and you actually get a headache.

Believe me, I just downed more Tylenol after just attempting to explain the thinking, or lack thereof, that goes into their  arbitrary new “rules” and policing of speech.



Yesterday it was American flags deemed disturbing and racist, and today we highlight the craziness of finding the use of the term “mother”  offensive.

This brings us to a statement made by Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, who took to social media to comment “I remember when we used to use the phrase “the flag, motherhood, and apple pie” to signify things about which Americans were unified. It is now “an offensive symbol of white supremacy” and “birthing people.” So I guess we’re still good with apple pie.”

Not so fast Ben!

American as Apple Pie!


According to the Guardian, Apple Pie is…. you guessed it, racist, and brings up the strange point of “food injustice.”

Some key quotes below:

• Not that apples are particularly American. Apples were first domesticated in central Asia, making the journey along the Silk Road to the Mediterranean four thousand years ago. Apples traveled to the western hemisphere with Spanish colonists in the 1500s in what used to be called the Columbian Exchange, but is now better understood as a vast and ongoing genocide of Indigenous people.

• Patel continued: ‘Not that the sugar on the crust is uniquely American.’ He then detailed how sugar’s arrival in the United States in the 1700s was inextricably linked to the French slavery trade in New Orleans, and that the Big Easy ‘had become a concomitant hub of the slave trade’ as the sweet stuff’s popularity burgeoned.

• Guardian readers ought by now to be familiar with the exercise of undoing the commodity fetish. Scratch the surface of a bar of chocolate, a tuna sandwich, or even a chicken nugget, and you find the horrors of international trade: violence, exploitation, poverty and profit. Capitalist logic is everywhere the same, but countries are capitalist in their own ways. The apple pie is as American as stolen land, wealth and labour. We live its consequences today.

Readers can read the rest of this at The Guardian, but remember, Apple Pie, sugar, red meat and tipping waiters and waitresses, among other things are now part of the ongoing “food injustice” that has been occurring for hundreds of year….. at least according to the American hating Raj Patel, Indian born and now a U.S. citizen.

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