The Bad Boy Records Curse: Why So Many Artists Who Signed With Diddy Became Religious?


from Vigilant Citizen:

Why so many artists who signed to Bad Boy Records quit everything to dedicate their lives to religion? Some say that Diddy made them go through some traumatic experiences.

If you were around during the days that Diddy went by the name of Puff Daddy, you probably remember that he got the world jiggy with it. Indeed, during the second half of the 90s, Bad Boy Records dominated the music industry with a constant flow of hits that took dancefloors and radio stations by storm. And, with extravagant videos that featured lots of explosions and shiny suits, Diddy’s protégés dominated TV airwaves as well.


These bizarre events led some to talk about the “Bad Boy curse”. Here’s a look at the bizarre fate of some of Bad Boy Records artists.

Craig Mack

Craig Mack in 1994.

Craig Mack was the first artist signed with Bad Boy Records. His 1994 single Flava In Ya Ear went on to become the first hit record of the label which helped lay its foundations for years to come.

While Mack’s career appeared to be on the up-and-up, it went down very quickly. Some might even say that his career was cursed from the start.

The main reason: Diddy discovered The Notorious B.I.G. (who would become one the greatest rappers of all time) and pushed Craig Mack to the side.

To make matters worse, Craig Mack’s physical appearance became an issue: He was constantly the butt of “ugly” jokes in hip-hop media, and that followed him throughout his entire life.

Furthermore, Mack was reluctant in embracing Diddy’s vision for radio-friendly rap. As a result, his first album Funk Da World contained several tracks that were decidedly uncommercial such as When God Comes – a sobering track that scolds the sinful ways of his generation. Here’s a part of the second verse:

I watched the earth’s cheese line get longer,
I watch allegiance to Satan’s army gettin’stronger
I watched drugs and guns take control
I even watched how the devil take the Black woman’s soul
They ain’t got respect no more
When your a*s on the camera you ain’t nothing but a wh*re
Ladies you need to help out your man
Instead of frontin’ at the club with a drink in your hand
The Black family is now pre-history
And we don’t need psychic healing from Dionne Warwick
We all need to be down on our knees beggin’ please
Lord help us shake this disease
And MC’s don’t take these rhymes for a joke
Craig Mack pen is mightier than the sword you stroke
So take heed to the words that I send
‘Cause on Judgement Day every man must attend

After spending a few years dwelling in the basement of Bad Boy Records, Craig Mack finally split from the label in 1997. After a few failed attempts at coming back in the industry, Mack disappeared from the rap world for good.

In 2012, Craig Mack remerged in a video posted by the Overcomer Ministry – A secluded Christian community in South Carolina that was described as a “cult” by ex-members. Here’s a video of Craig Mack at the Ministry.

While Craig Mack’s faith appears to be sincere, the leader of the Ministry, Brother R G Stair, was arrested on several charges including touching young girls (this video is damning proof).

In the following years, Craig Mack’s health degraded radically and he was sometimes seen walking around with a cane.

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