Russia Will Find a Way to Protect Its Interests If Other Countries Refuse Dialogue, Putin Says


from Sputnik News:

The president’s remarks come amid a new round of tensions between Russia and the West, including fresh sanctions against Moscow by Washington and mutual recriminations over the escalating civil conflict in Ukraine.

Moscow will find “asymmetrical,” speedy and tough ways to defend its national interests if other nations refuse dialogue, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.


“The practice of organizing coups and attempts to organize assassinations of heads of state is just too much. All boundaries have been crossed,” Putin said, speaking during his annual address to lawmakers from both houses of Russia’s parliament on Wednesday, and referring to the recent discovery of a plot to assassinate Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and members of his family and to carry out a coup d’etat in Belarus.

The plot was uncovered by Russian and Belarusian security services, with Russia’s FSB detaining two members of the Belarusian opposition in Moscow, and their Belarusian counterparts indicating that they had detained several persons believed to be backed by US intelligence services. The State Department denied any involvement in the plot.

“In some countries, a nasty custom has taken root – to ‘cling’ to Russia on any pretext. It’s like some kind of sport…We truly want to have good relations with all members of the international community. But if someone perceives these good intentions as weakness, Russia’s response will be asymmetrical, speedy and tough,” Putin warned.

The president added that he hoped no foreign nation would attempt to cross any of Russia’s “red lines.”

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