It’s Official: Your Mask Can Harm You


    by Janet Phelan, Activist Post:

    The signs are up in so many places now:

    “No Entrance Without a Face Mask.”

    “Face Mask Required to Enter this Facility.”

    “Face Mask Obligatory in this Store.”

    As part of the new normal, people now regularly don the mask when venturing outdoors or even driving in their cars, as well.

    But recent events have called into question the safety of some popular and widely distributed masks.

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    The Canadian government is now reporting that some masks distributed to day care facilities have been found to be laced with graphene and are being pulled out of circulation, due to concerns about the potential toxicity of graphene. Graphene is a product of nano-tech and is a form of carbon that consists of nanoscopically thin flakes of hexagonally-arranged carbon atoms.

    According to the CBC, grey and blue masks which were given to children at these facilities potentially contain graphene. The specific masks in question were made in China and distributed by Métallifer, a Quebec-based company. The model of the masks has been delineated as SNN200642.

    “If you have this type of mask in stock, we ask that you stop distributing them and keep them in a safe place now,” the provincial government said in its directive.

    According to Health Canada, graphene is associated with “early pulmonary toxicity” in animal studies.

    However, a quick check reveals that graphene is widely used in face masks, and certainly not only through the Quebecois distributor.

    Amazon advertises multiple masks made with graphene. Vendors include companies ranging from Guangzhou Nanqixing Non woven Co., Ltd., in Guangdong, China to Pacsafe in Seattle, Washington.

    At least one British company is in on the graphene act. Versarien is headquartered in Gloucestershire, UK. Its website proudly lists its multiple affiliates involved in graphene production, including Versarien Graphene Inc, based in Texas, which is the distribution arm for the UK’s graphene development technologies and Gnanomat S.L. based in the Parque Científico Madrid, Spain, “a company capable of utilising Versarien’s graphene products in an environmentally friendly, scalable production process for energy storage devices.”

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