Not Very Supreme


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Am I supposed to be surprised?

First, the USSC turned away the PA lawsuit which, contrary to the claims of all the breathless media was not filed by Trump; it was filed by PA Republicans.

They turned it away as moot.

Remember that they control their calendar and deliberately scheduled it after the inauguration.

In other words the Supremes decided that the law does not matter so long as you get away with whatever you’re doing until after the person who allegedly cheated takes office.


That, of course, is tantamount to telling anyone they can do whatever the Hell they want so long as they get away with it long enough for the “outcome” to occur, whatever that might be.  Various schemes just became legal so long as you can hold off for a bit.

And let’s not forget that the same cases were previously turned away as “not ripe yet”, which basically means there is no place you can turn within the law.

I doubt they care, but they ought to for a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of which is that if I have no recourse to the law what do you think someone who finds themselves in that situation might do instead?  After all law or no, robes or no robes the basic facts remain: After the first all the rest are free.

Thomas’ dissent was the lone piece of sanity.

This dovetails exactly with that I said right after the election, given that suits were filed prior and turned away as “not ripe”: If Trump was going to do anything other than walk out and give up the day after the alleged “loss” he had to pot commit and bet his freedom (or worse.)

Which he didn’t do, of course.

That leads to the obvious question: Did he really believe it or was it all for show?  If the latter then he deserves prison — and I hope he gets it.

But that leads to the other problem: Whether he bet his freedom by doing whatever he had to in order to conclusively prove his case didn’t matter; he was already pot-committed and couldn’t get away from it because the Democrats were never going to let it go and for him the courts were no place of recourse.

We saw that with the other decision — that NY now can have all his tax info.

I expected that to be the outcome, as I’ve previously pointed out.

Mr. “Stable Genius” is the one likely to go to jail or at least be bankrupted because he failed to recognize that the bet had already been made; he made it when he ran and everyone decided they hated him.  Having made the bet your only way to win is to catch the other guys doing illegal things you can jail them for and do it in enough size that they can’t come back after you.

Which Trump, as head of the Executive, could have done.  He had four years to do it.

But didn’t.

People still think he’s the “2024 Presumptive Nominee”; that’ll be tough from inside a prison cell or living under a freeway overpass in your underwear and you can bet they’re going to do everything in their power to make exactly that happen.

Good luck Trump — I think you’re going to need it just to remain a free man long enough for 2024 to come around.  Never mind that your most-serious error of all was being conned on Covid and may God have Mercy on your soul if the Chinese figure out how to target those synthetic, never-seen-in-nature antibodies as your “Warp Speed” programHe will personally be the one who gets “credit” when a huge percentage of the population including our military is laid waste by it.

I pray I’m wrong on that but this is exactly the sort of blindness to risk that Trump demonstrated repeatedly while in office.

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