Why Covid-19 Vaccines Won’t Save The World


by Bill Sardi, Lew Rockwell:

  • When 95% Vaccine Effectiveness Is Really Less Than 1%.
  • If you want to pass your COVID-19 test, you should know that garlic, zinc and resveratrol inhibit the polymerase enzyme upon which the test is based.
  • And Why I Might Opt For A Garlic Clove Over Vaccination

The 95% effectiveness number is questioned

The news headline is that COVID-19 vaccines are 95% effective against COVID-19 coronavirus.  However, vaccines for other infectious diseases only have a 33.4% success rate.  What gives?

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The effectiveness of a vaccine cannot exceed the infection rate of the population.  If there are 100 million people and 1 million will become infected, a vaccine cannot possibly benefit more than 1 in 100, or 1%.

In the District of Columbia as of November 29, 2020, 306,447 DC residents have been tested and 21,552 (7%) tested positive; 680 deaths were attributed to COVID-19 (2/10ths of one-percent).  Maybe only 6% of these deaths were attributed to COVID-19 infection alone, or 41 deaths which is 1.3 deaths per 10,000 people.  The effectiveness of a vaccine in regard to mortality cannot exceed that number.  In regard to effectiveness to prevent infection, using the data above, a COVID-19 vaccine could not exceed 7% effectiveness because that is all that were infected.

Yet COVID-19 vaccines now entering preliminary clinical studies are now being touted as 95+% effective at quelling symptoms, at least temporarily.

Examination of an RNA vaccine

Using the above figures, if you vaccinate the entire population of Americans, 325,000,000, about 1,950,000 (6 in 1000 or 6/10ths of one-percent) would totally avert severe symptoms should they be infected with COVID-19 in the immediate period following inoculation with Moderna’s COVID-19 RNA vaccine. But it remains unknown whether the vaccine prevents infection altogether or whether it even saves lives. 1 out of 166 Americans would still get infected but not experience severe symptoms.

But confoundingly, a good fever is needed to produce long-lasting antibodies.  For me, I might opt for a clove of garlic.  Let me tell you why.

The Moderna RNA vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine I’m using as an example is MODERNA’s new RNA COVID-19 vaccine that attempts to genetically produce the very antigen that triggers the production of viral-specific antibodies.  But antibodies are not long lasting and what is really protecting against infection are T-cells, and in particular T-memory cells that produce long-lasting immunity.

Within a short period following inoculation with MODERNA’s RNA vaccine, 5 of 15,000 people experienced symptoms (none severe) versus 90 of 15,000 people who exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 (15 severe cases) after being given an inactive placebo.  So, you have to vaccinate all 325,000,000 million Americans to calm or eliminate symptoms of COVID-19 in 1-in-166 people.  That is a pretty low-bar for vaccine manufacturers to hurdle to gain FDA licensure.

Mass vaccination represents overvaccination

Since only a few people will be infected with COVID-19 at any given time, mass vaccination programs represent over-vaccination.  It would be more appropriate, and safer, to treat the few people who do develop COVID-19-related symptoms than expose an entire population to an unproven vaccine that could produce more side effects than the disease itself.

Just a 1% vaccine side effect rate would put 3,250,000 million Americans in sick bay versus an estimated 1,950,00 COVID-19 infected Americans who would just avert severe side effects.

Vaccine vs. placebo is not real world

But comparing vaccines next to nothing (inactive placebo) is not a real-world test.  People try to prevent from having to deal with a week-long bout of the flu or a cold by taking preventive action (vitamins, minerals, herbs), or at least take something once symptoms arise, to quell a fever which ironically is necessary for adequate antibodies to be produced.  Inexplicably, modern medicine has nothing outside of vaccines to prevent infectious disease.

Vaccines not the only route to immunity

I want you to think that exposure to anything that is mildly noxious will cause your immune system to be activated.

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