Watch the Steal in Real Time: Nearly 20,000 Votes FLIP From Trump To Biden During CNN Live Stream


from InfoWars:

19,958 votes mysterious vanish from Trump, as Biden gains 19,958

Brazen election rigging right before your eyes

During CNN’s live Election Night coverage, nearly 20,000 votes in Pennsylvania were witnessed to inexplicably flip from President Trump to Joe Biden.


The clip from last Tuesday, highlighted by keen observers over at, features CNN’s John King discussing election charts just as 19,958 votes are mysteriously subtracted from the president’s Pennsylvania vote tally – and 19,958 votes are added to Biden’s.

The sudden change is noticeable in the chyron featured in the video below at the 1 second and 41 second timestamps.

In the beginning of the clip, the president’s tally is at 1,690,589, but the next time Pennsylvania votes are shown Trump has only 1,670,631 – a difference of 19,958 votes.

At the same time, Biden’s vote tally first sits at 1,252,537, before mysteriously jumping to 1,272,495 the next time Pennsylvania vote totals are shown, a sum of 19,958 votes.

According to the Associated Press, with 99 percent of precincts reporting, Biden is said to have won Pennsylvania with 3,362,184 votes, compared to the president’s 3,316,619, a difference of only 45,565 ballots.

Is this real-time election fraud being brazenly perpetrated right before the American peoples’ eyes?

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