Giuliani: Here’s How I Verified the Data From Hunter’s Hard Drive


by Beth Baumann, Townhall:

Ever since the New York Post released their bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s computer – with damning information about his ties to the corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma – being abandoned at a computer store, questions have arisen about the timeframe surrounding the hard drive’s discovery. Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, decided to set the record straight about how he obtained a copy of the data.


“First of all, I think the premise of what Twitter took it down was that [the hard drive] was hacked. Well, they’re dead wrong. It wasn’t hacked so that’s a lie,” Giuliani told the Daily Caller. “They said it without knowing which means they pulled a lie out of the air.”

According to the former New York City mayor, this is part of a “conspiracy theory” that Biden is running with. Giuliani stated Biden wrote a letter to news outlets asking them to keep Giuliani off the air.

“The way I came to have this was my lawyer was contacted by this gentleman who owns this store that fixes hard drives. Hunter Biden had come into the store probably a year ago, turned over three devices. The guy couldn’t fix one, fixed the other immediately and had to keep the hard drive,” Giuliani explained. “Hunter Biden came back in two days and brought him some kind of keyboard that would help and within a fairly short period of time he had it fixed. He started calling Biden to pick it up. Couldn’t get any answer, any response, didn’t get paid.”

“For some reason Hunter Biden never showed up. One of the reasons may be, the gentleman says, Hunter Biden was so drunk that he had a little trouble even getting his name out. And since I’ve now looked at the hard drive I find that to be very credible because – and this may be an exaggeration – but he looks like he’s high on crack every other day for the last five or six years.”

The left has taken issue with the timeline of this surfaced hard drive because it was dropped off a year ago. According to Giuliani, the computer store owner made four copies of the hard drive but turned the original over to the FBI. He gave two copies to his friends in case he was killed. He waited four or five months before he sent letters to various Republicans asking if they would be interested in the data.

“We were the first to respond, or the only ones to respond,” the president’s personal attorney explained.

Giuliani’s attorney, Bob Costello, met up with the store owner and spent about a week reviewing the information it contained to make sure it was legal to release. The contract Hunter Biden signed said that if the computer wasn’t picked up in 90 days it would be considered abandoned and the owner would obtain possession.

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