Cardi B Freaks Out: ‘Trump Supporters Are Everywhere,’ Swarming L.A. with ‘Big A** Trucks’


by David Ng, Breitbart:

Rapper and Joe Biden surrogate Cardi B was terrified when she recently encountered groups of Trump supporters in Los Angeles, expressing horror at their “big ass trucks” and saying “I don’t like this shit!”

Cardi B reportedly posted a series of clips to her Instagram Stories on Saturday in which she livestreamed herself driving past Trump fans wearing MAGA hats and waving American flags.


“Look how many fuckers! I’m scared now we’re gonna get jumped. I really feel like we’re gonna get jumped. Oh my God. Ahhh!” she screamed.

In another clip, she said: “Trump supporters are everywhere, I’m scared. I don’t like it, with their big ass trucks.”

The rapper said in a third clip: “I don’t like this shit. Look at this. Look at this! Look how they’re walking around, with fake guns out and covering their fucking face. I don’t like this shit!”

Watch below:

Cardi B’s Instagram rants are believed to have taken place shortly before or after police officers detained her husband, the rapper known as Offset, after someone inside his vehicle allegedly pointed a gun at Trump supporters who had just participated in a rally in Beverly Hills.

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Cardi B reportedly pleaded with the officers to release her husband.

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