from InfoWars:

Tens of thousands fill Trafalgar Square to protest coronavirus measures until police forcefully shut it down

London police violently assaulted protesters on Saturday at Trafalgar Square where thousands of people gathered in defiance of the UK’s authoritarian COVID lockdown measures.

Dozens of protesters were injured when authorities moved in to shut down the “We Do Not Consent” rally after several hours of impassioned speeches by speakers like David Icke explaining why the government wants to keep the measures in place indefinitely as a weapon of control.

As David Icke was speaking to thousands, riot police began to attack the crowd and storm the stage.

“Crowds in Trafalgar Square have not complied with the conditions of their risk assessment and are putting people in danger of transmitting the virus,” the Metropolitan Police told the media.

“This has voided their risk assessment and we have informed the event organizers they are no longer exempt from the regulations.”





Notably, UK authorities have selectively enforced mass demonstrations like these in recent months, shutting down anything that goes against the lockdowns, while allowing and even praising dozens of Black Lives Matter and other far-left marches that freely took over the city over the summer.

For example, London Mayor Sadiq Khan condemned the anti-lockdown protest on Saturday, calling the protesters “reckless” and “violent,” when it was the police who first instigated violence when shutting the event down.

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