Unmasking Obama: A New Portrait of an Opaque President


by William Marshall, Townhall:

I am a proud Lilliputian.

Jack Cashill’s wonderful new book, Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency, has put me and all my colleagues in conservative media and punditry in the appropriate weight class in his sometimes whimsical, yet always powerful, analysis of the Obama administration.

Cashill accurately equates those of us who have fought for years to dig facts out about the amazingly opaque man, Barack Obama, and his administration with the little inhabitants of Lilliput. Occasionally, we succeed in locating a revelation here or there amidst the murk, busily working away like those diminutive characters in Jonathan Swift’s classic, Gulliver’s Travels. The characterization is especially apt considering the power of our opposition in the monolithic Deep State, which heralded Obama as the next Coming of the Messiah. Those Deep Staters in government, along with their media, Hollywood and Big Tech confederates, did everything possible to protect Obama from scrutiny.

The book does an excellent job of laying out the political/media landscape – the nature and tactics of both those on the political left hell-bent on protecting the beloved Obama and those on the political right seeking to expose him and his agenda. The book is largely an exposition of the corrupt modern mass media. But it is much more.

Cashill is no fawning observer of the “right-wing” media, of which he is highly critical. He is careful to separate those whom he sardonically calls the “Responsible Right” from the truly intrepid “Samizdat” right-wing media, borrowing a phrase used for the brave reporters in the former Soviet Union who risked everything to get the truth out about that oppressive tyranny. The Responsible Right journalists are the often sneering and always staid upholders of the conservative status quo, not wanting to be dismissed in Georgetown salons as “fringe lunatics.” The Samizdat journalists are those who have doggedly sought to expose the malignant nature of Obama and his backers, while facing the opprobrium of their “betters” in the Responsible Right.

Describing the state of modern media, Cashill writes, “During the Obama years, an asymmetrical war was waged for control of that critical first draft of American history. There is no fair way to record that history without first acknowledging the war.” This is what Cashill, an amazingly prolific author with many prior books about Obama to his credit, does so ably – describing that incredible political-media war, which is no less significant than the shooting wars in which our country has been engaged for its profound effects on our nation’s course and future.

Cashill breaks down the book categorically by the various leftist fronts that are attacking traditional, conservative America – helpfully assigning most chapters’ categories a color code to denote the particular front under examination. For example, the chapter entitled “The Green Front” describes the “climate change” movement under Obama and its war on the free market under his one-time “green jobs czar,” the self-professed Communist, Anthony “Van” Jones. “The Rainbow Front” addresses the advance of the LGBT agenda under Obama, allegations about Obama’s own sexual history by the likes of Larry Sinclair, and his complete policy reversal on the sanctity of marriage as being between “one man and one woman” when it became politically expedient to do so. “The Black Front” describes Obama’s political weaponization of his own race, and his push to divide America along racial lines, with the complicity of the mass media. Then there is the Pink Front, the Brown Front, the Red Front and so on.

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