Outrage After Viral Video Shows Transit Cop Arrest Man for Eating in Public


from The Mind Unleashed:

“You’re eating … It’s against the law.”

Community members in the San Francisco Bay Area are outraged after video went viral depicting a commuter being arrested by public transportation police for eating a breakfast sandwich on a train platform.

In the video, the commuter—who identified himself on Facebook as Bill Gluckman—can be seen getting detained by a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police officer for eating the small item. Gluckman, who is black, protested being singled out by the white BART cop before the officer is joined by backup, who eventually handcuff him for resisting arrest.

The incident, which occurred on Monday at 8 a.m., shows Gluckman arguing with the officer whose name tag identifies him as D. McCormick. In the video, McCormick says:

 “You’re eating … It’s against the law.”

Gluckman then questioned why he was being singled out as McCormick held onto his backpack. As the cop demands that he cooperates, an agitated Gluckman responds, “Are you going to let go of my bag?” to which McCormick responds, “You’re going to jail.”

Gluckman replies:

“For eating a fucking sandwich?”

While Gluckman wasn’t taken to jail, he was handcuffed and issued a citation at a nearby police substation. KRON 4 reported that the incident escalated due to his refusal to give his name or show identification to the officer.

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