Barack Obama Calls For All-Out Gun Confiscation Following El Paso Shooting


by Sean Walton, The Daily Sheeple:

In his first statement following the shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, former President Obama has come forward with an aggressive plan for Democrats: Do more, and consider passing gun confiscation laws.

His response came in a Tweet, where the former President seems to blame President Donald Trump for the shooting in El Paso, regurgitating the same talking points that CNN has been spewing since the moment the shooting occurred. Not only that, but Obama seems to insinuate the the United States, which elected him, a black man, as President, is white supremacist, stating that the shooter acted to “preserve white supremacy.”

But while his statement isn’t all that surprising. It is the article he posted in response that should really raise some eyebrows.

Obama posted an article from the far-left website Vox, where an author gives some suggestions to “stop gun violence.” The article claims that Democrats should go further than they currently are with their proposals, citing ideas like “universal background checks,” and “assault weapons bans” as not being enough.

Instead, the author says that Democrats should go all-out, citing the gun confiscation plan of former Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell as an example.

The Vox article reads:
“To change the status quo, Democrats should go big. They need to focus on the abundance of guns in the US and develop a suite of policies that directly tackle that issue, from licensing to confiscation to more aggressive bans of certain kinds of firearms (including, perhaps, all semiautomatic weapons or at least some types of handguns).”

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