by Wayne Jett, Classical Capital:

Last December 29, less than one year ago, our report announced the arrival of what President Donald Trump had called “the Storm.” Indeed, the Storm had arrived eight days earlier when the president’s executive order became effective declaring a national emergency to deal with serious human rights abuses and corruption. This powerful EO, which freezes assets worldwide of each person or entity named in a growing list, has been highly relevant to national and international affairs from its inception. Now, with 2018 mid-term campaigning completed, more of the Storm’s actions will move into the open, enabling the public to observe more of what it craves: actions against criminals who have subverted national interests.

 Speaking of national interests, the elitist cabal has debilitated the political reasoning of its mainstream media and street activists so far that some actually demean President Trump for being a “nationalist” – apparently as a follow-on to previous slurs comparing him to Adolf Hitler. Dictatorial power over the people of Germany flowed not so much from nationalism as from socialism: Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers Party, formed in 1920.

     Forty-seven years after World War II ended, Francis Fukuyama declared “the end of history” on grounds that representative government elected by people of each national republic was proven to be the superior platform for success of human society. Soros surely knows that, but do his paid (and unpaid) protestors?

Declassification of Evidence Still Ahead

     Evidence pried out of the DOJ and FBI by the House committees on oversight and intelligence still remains undisclosed due to objections by U. S. agencies and two “important allies,” known to be the United Kingdom and Australia. The information is too sensitive to be declassified and released to the public, so they claim.

     One “sensitive” aspect is that these foreign entities and certain U. S. agencies engaged in illegal spying upon a presidential candidate, an elected presidential candidate and a duly inaugurated and serving U. S. president, Donald J. Trump. They did so pursuant to a criminal and, in some instances, treasonous conspiracy to prevent his election and, failing that, to overturn and destroy his presidency.

     A new report by Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) indicates that the classified information also conceals another important insight into the conspiracy against the Trump presidential candidacy. The presently classified report shows that the conspiracy to defeat Trump’s presidency contained a second “insurance policy” consisting of fabricated evidence presented to the Foreign Intelligence Security Act Court for the purpose of obtaining surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign and/or White House. Previously, the public had been led to believe the only “insurance policy” was the fabricated “Russian dossier” put together by one or more present/former UK intelligence agents with DOJ/FBI funding.

     Clearly, this makes prompt release of this evidence essential. Americans deserve to be fully informed of actions taken to defeat their efforts to elect their president fairly as required by the Constitution and federal laws. Most importantly, secrecy must not impede further the proper investigation and prosecution of federal crimes, much less acts of foreign powers against our constitutional rights.

Super Counsel Huber On Deck

     You likely know already that John Huber is the U. S. Attorney for Utah, which means he serves as the authorized representative of the U. S. Department of Justice within the State of Utah. Huber was first nominated to that position by former President Obama and more recently by President Trump, and confirmed by the Senate on both occasions.

     In March, 2018, Attorney Jeff Sessions sent a letter to Senate and House Judiciary Committee chairmen and the House Oversight Committee chairman stating that, rather than appoint a special counsel, he has requested Huber to investigate issues raised by those committees. The issues included whether DOJ or FBI abused authority in putting Carter Page under surveillance while he served as an advisor to the Trump presidential campaign.

     In addition, AG Sessions stated he had asked Huber to investigate Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the sale of U. S. uranium properties to Uranium One, a subsidiary of Rosatom, a major Russian nuclear energy company. Huber may be investigating concurrently Clinton’s use of a private email server for storing and transmittal of classified documents while U. S. Secretary of State, and the operations of the Clinton Foundation.

     On Friday, November 30, a report surfaced that Huber’s investigation had reached out to a Clinton Foundation whistle-blower for information. Notably, this is a different CF whistle-blower from the one whose home was raided by FBI agents last week and ransacked for all evidence pertinent to CF issues. Perhaps this Huber contact was provoked by the FBI raid of the other whistle-blower, which flouted federal law prohibiting such raids.

     On December 3, today, Mr. Huber will testify to the interested committees regarding his investigations. His findings and conclusions are likely to be consequential to all parties involved and to the nation.

     One such person facing consequences will likely be Robert Mueller, former FBI director and presently Special Counsel during the past 18 months searching for evidence tying the Trump presidential campaign to collusion with something Russian to affect the 2016 presidential election. Mueller as FBI director at the time of the Uranium One transaction was involved in the transaction by Hillary Clinton, reportedly to deliver personally a uranium sample to Moscow for testing. Qanon stated November 30 that Mueller will face federal criminal charges for his involvement, and “is working to save himself.” Post 2512

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