from InfoWars:

A gay bar in New York hosted an event earlier this month in which a 11-year-old crossdresser performed on stage while patrons threw money at him.

The 3 Dollar Bill gay club in Brooklyn sold tickets to the “Club Whoa!!!” show on EventBrite for $15, promising 11-year-old “drag kid” Desmond Napoles, AKA Desmond Is Amazing, would headline the event.

Subsequent video and photos from the event posted to Instagram and Reddit show Desmond indeed performed dressed up as No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, while men threw money on stage.

Photos posted to Desmond’s Instagram profile also show him performing at the club in various other outfits.

Reactions to the performance have ranged from disgust to outrage, with some asking if the club will be investigated for promoting pedophilia, while others urged Child Protective Services to take action.

“10 year old kids shouldn’t be performing at any bar. Gay or straight. He should be at home playing with legos and riding his bike….or at a dance class for kids…not being sexually groomed. This is child abuse,” reads the top voted comment at /r/trashy.

“This isn’t Trashy: It’s child abuse. If this were a 10 year old girl at any other club CPS would already be there,” another keen Redditor commented.

“I left after seeing a child dance on stage for money at nighttime. This was on Saturday night and I have been feeling disturbed ever since,” a Yelp reviewer wrote.

Writing at, Courtney Kirchoff made the connection between the left’s promotion of “drag kids” and the creeping normalization of pedophilia.

I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, or wish to marry a potato. If you went to this event, if you watched a child perform sexually, if you gave him money for it, if you think his mother is anything other than the handmaiden of Satan for encouraging, allowing, and making this event happen, you are everything wrong with our species. Further, if you shrug your shoulders and dismiss this, if you say it’s the child’s choice to perform like this, that we shouldn’t opine on what is happening to Desmond Napoles and every other child being exploited by his or her parents and our current culture of anything goes, you are everything wrong with humanity.

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