Kavanaugh’s Falsifiable Defense


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Ford’s case went up in smoke — literally — as has pretty-much anyone else who accused Kavanaugh of anything during his High School and College years.

He showed up on Fox last night and made a stunning claim: He was a virgin until beyond his college years.

If a lie this dooms him not only as a Supreme Court justice, but as a judge generally.  You need only find one credible person who can be confirmed to have actually dated him and says they were sleeping together regularly, and if that assertion is made it’s fairly easily buttressed with prescription records of any sort that show birth control in use during the same period of time.

In other words if he’s lying the odds are extremely high that it can be proved — not to a criminal standard necessarily, but certainly to a civil one — at which point he’s finished.

Unlike Clinton he didn’t say “I did not have sex with….”  He specifically said virgin.  So yes, he could have played stink-finger, or lick-lick, or suck-suck.  All leave you a virgin when you’re done.  But screw-screw, no, and to believe that he’d play dick-wagger when he didn’t sleep with people you’d have to really stretch credulity to well beyond the breaking point.

This was a clear preempt not only aimed at Ford and Ramirez but anyone else they try to trot out from his college and high school days.  It comes on the back of his calendar from the year in which Ford claims he was at a party and assaulted her which isn’t “proof” (since Ford refuses to name a date and claims she doesn’t remember) but that calendar looks pretty bad for for the accuser; on most weekends he was out of town with his parents, which would preclude such a thing, and most boozy parties were and are held on weekends — even in the summertime.  In fact that calendar looks like one of a severely-overscheduled and overachieving teen kid.  I didn’t keep one and certainly wasn’t that kid when I was that age, but I know kids who did, simply because between their various things like football practice (yes, the schools did and still do have them in the summer months) and vacations you had to keep it all straight.

This assertion on Fox last night was thus such an unnecessary and high-risk play if he’s lying, backed with his wife speaking with him, that I conclude he’s probably not.  It wasn’t a necessary defense either; Ford’s narrative had already collapsed with the woman she named as her friend that allegedly was there having already provided a sworn statement that she remembers neither the party nor has she ever met Kavanaugh in any context.  While he didn’t make that statement under oath you can bet he will now, as there’ll be at least one Senator who will ask him about it on Thursday — assuming Ford even shows up, which post-interview last night I now rate as having a probability well under 50%.

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