The pope recognises the rights of immigrants at the expense of European civilisation


from Voice Of Europe:

Journalist and writer, Mauro Mazza, said in an interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, that pope Francis doesn’t defend European values.

“It irritates me that during the influx of mainly Muslim refugees he doesn’t have an eye for the defence of European values. The reception of immigrants may not be at the expense of our European identity, our values and standards,” the author of the book ‘Bergoglio and Prejudice’ says.

Mazza adds that “Pope Francis recognises the rights of immigrants at the expense of our own civilisation. That is not your own cheek to turn, that is away from your own principles.”

While a lot of left-wing Italians go along with the progressive Pope Francis, the popularity of the pontiff has fallen from 88 per cent to just 70 per cent in the five years that he has been pope.

The main reason for his declining popularity is his continued defence of illegal immigrants.

“It surprises me that bishops and priests are far too little to hear if Christian symbols are removed from public buildings, because this would be insulting for people of a different (read Islam) – faith.

That does not happen in the Orthodox Church in Russia, for example, they continue to be true to their self. After seventy years of oppression by communism they now have a happy time. They defend their position with pride and will do so in the term of the Russian president Putin,” Mazza says.

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