Shut Down Mueller! Our Economic Future Is At Stake


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

For the London-led coup plotters against Donald Trump’s presidency, another bubble of triumph has popped; former White House special attorney and Hillary Clinton’s close friend Lanny Davis has retracted and publicly apologized for his claims that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen could tell investigators about “Russian collusion” by Trump. As the Washington Post admitted today, Davis’s claims “dominated United States news for days,” but were false. The President’s level of approval among American voters appears to have been unaffected by last week’s convictions of former associates, on hyped-up charges completely unrelated to any mythical “collusion” with Russia.

But this will not stop legal assassin Robert Mueller and the major U.S. media from plowing up dirt, attacking Trump, and spreading McCarthyite hysteria against Russia and China, unless they are stopped by mobilized American citizens between now and the midterm elections. Mueller’s intention is to send an “investigative report” begging for impeachment to the new Congress. Americans have to mobilize to shut down his unlawful collaboration with British intelligence assets, and to make sure a Congress is elected which completely rejects impeachment and supports great-power cooperation, as Trump has said he does.

They have to do this quickly now, before London’s and Wall Street’s global debt bubble, much bigger and more unpayable than in 2007-08, blows out again. Today’s resumed plunges of the so-called “emerging market currencies” warn that that blowout is not long in coming. President Trump and the United States will have to work with China, Russia, and India to head off that collapse with a new international financial arrangement. A New Bretton Woods must be launched together by those nations, using Glass-Steagall banking regulations and national credit institutions in the way described by economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche.

Take a good look at the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) launched by China just five years ago. This array of great projects of infrastructure and development is now providing $5 trillion in trade — 40% of the $16 trillion total annual trade in goods worldwide; and 60% of the growthin that trade, along with electrical power, water supplies, communications, new railroads and roads, poverty reduction programs. It is now sending 3,500 freight trains a year across all of Eurasia, from China to Europe.

Look at the heads of state and government and cabinet ministers from all of Africa heading to China later this week for the Forum on Africa-China Cooperation summit. China’s trade with Africa is growing 20%/year, and is balanced; it is Africa’s primary capital goods investor, and poverty in that continent has at last begun to fall.

Guiding all this, said China’s President Xi in marking five years of the BRI, is the Confucian Chinese idea that China’s policy should seek “the harmony of Heaven” — the common benefit of nations.

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