Amazing turnout for Free Tommy Robinson Rally in London


from Voice Of Europe:

The #FreeTommy march on 14 July on Whitehall had an amazing turnout. This, despite police telling people they weren’t allowed in and some were outright lied to being told that the event had been cancelled.

Other patriots were being stopped from bringing Sadiq Khan ‘Free Speech’ mockery balloons. Which is ironic given he felt free speech was more important than ‘hurt feelings’ when it was about the Trump ‘blimp’ [it was the size of a balloon, not so much a blimp by general definitions]. Are the police are now just Sadiq Khan’s ground troops? Are they at the ready to enforce the mayor’s political agenda?

Raheem Kassam emceed the event which had speakers such as Gerard Batten, Lord Pearson and, though the British Government attempted to stop him, Geert Wilders! Geert’s speech was pre-recorded and shown on the large screen.

Gerard Batten, MEP and leader of UKIP said to the thousands of marchers, “In my view, Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned much more for who he is and what he says rather than for what he has supposed to have done.”

He went on to further say, “And he has indeed broken the law but a real criminal is someone who preys upon the weak and defenceless. Tommy Robinson is somebody who has chosen to defend the weak and the helpless.”

“Some people who have broken the law have gone on to become heroes and heroines.”

“The suffragists broke the law they are now national heroines.”
“Mahatma Ghandi broke the law, he was arrested and convicted 13 times between 1908 and 1942. He is now regarded as a national hero of Indian independence.”
“Nelson Mandella served 28 years in prison for terrorist offences, he was actually conspiring to murder people yet he is now regarded as an international hero”

“These people were convicted criminals but history has judged that they were on the right side of a great cause.”

The crowd cheered as Geert’s pre-recorded speech played, it was genuinely as if he was really there. The government’s attempts to silence him, spectacularly failed.

“Mrs. May prevented me to come to London today. She probably did not like my speech last time. Shame on you, Mrs. May. But here I am anyway.”

“Let me ask you. Can Tommy count on you?”
“Shame on you Mrs. Theresa May.”
“Your government betrayed our daughters.
Your government betrayed our trust.
Your government betrayed the people. And worst of all, Mrs. Theresa May, you betrayed Tommy Robinson.

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