A Call to Arms! The ROARING Majority! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Declassify #FullDisclosure #TELLTHETRUTH


from Neon Revolt:

I was going to include a quick blurb here about the current state of the site, but instead, I’m including that at the bottom of this article, because these drops, though few, are explosive!

If you’re getting the 404 issue – you’re going to want to read on below after the drops.

But one more quick update before we get into the drops.

ARM, from last night’s drops, stands for Anti-Trump Resistance Movement:

Thanks for clearing that up for us, #Anons.

Okay, let’s take a look at the drops!

So we’re getting the heavily redacted version of the #IGReport later today.

The House Freedom Caucus will then push for an unredacted, declassified version – because all these redactions will indicate a profound conflict-of-interest, and subsequently lead to the firing or Rod Rosenstein. After all, he’s the guy they implicate, and he’s only censoring all this to save his scrawny behind!

What #QAnon needs from us now is to CONTACT OUR REPRESENTATIVES.

Q needs every single one of us calling our rep, demanding a declassified IG report – I’d say starting around 1, maybe 2 in the afternoon, EST.

Don’t ignore this. If you don’t PUSH for this, it’s not going to happen. We need every voice in Congress screaming for declassification, and the only way that happens is if YOU, their constituents, demand it.

Don’t know how to contact your rep?

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