Planned Parenthood bashes Trump in public, now they’re privately begging for his help


from True Pundit:

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading provider of abortions, publicly bashes President Donald Trump and other conservatives outspoken against abortion.

But now the abortion organization is privately reaching out to the president for his help over a confusing issue: Planned Parenthood’s Rocky Mountains-area union.

Planned Parenthood has asked the Trump administration’s National Labor Relations Board for its help to stop some of its Colorado staff from organizing a union, according to The Intercept.

More than 150 employees at 14 clinics across three states in Planned Parenthood’s Rocky Mountain branches voted to organize in December. The employees claim they are not adequately paid or benefitted for their work and that turnover at clinics is too high.

After the Planned Parenthood employees’ vote, Planned Parenthood bosses challenged their decision to the NLRB — in the case known as Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood Inc. v. SEIU. The government sided with Planned Parenthood in the first round, but employees have already appealed the board’s ruling. The case now moves to the full five-member board.-

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