by Jerome Corsi, Infowars:

Cyberattacks intensify to purge Trump supporters before mid-term elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Whether the White House realizes it or not, President Trump’s supporters are facing an increased cyberattack to remove from the Internet prior to the 2018 mid-term elections the conservatives and libertarians whose postings on various websites were critical to his presidential victory in 2016.

So far, President Trump has been silent on published reports that Google/YouTube have employed the noted hate-site, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), to serve as their thought-police, armed with the ability to remove YouTube videos and channels that dare oppose the SPLC hard-left ideological agenda.

The SPLC is famous for tagging Ben Carson and Laura Ingram, as well as Infowars.com as “hate criminals,” while refusing to object to Soros-funded violent hard-left protest groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

In the past week, Google/YouTube removed videos posted by Infowars.com and yours truly, with this author’s account being suspended for 90 days from posting videos and launching Live Chat sessions.

Evidence suggests the bots in the CIA are attacking conservatives and libertarians on the Internet at the same time Google has launched a campaign to purge YouTube of all similar contact supporting President Trump.

On Wednesday, the owner and moderator of the 8chan bulletin board, used by anonymous posters working to researching QAnon, posted warnings that the board was under a heavy cyberattack, with contributors on the board unable to post for three hours yesterday, between 9:25 am and 12:25 pm ET.

The 8chan operators of the QAnon board alerted users and readers that the owner and moderator were “in the midst of a heavy DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack,” and were working “all out to keep the site online.”

One poster speculated that the hundreds of thousands of bots involved in the cyberattack suggested the DDOS attack originated from within the CIA, speculating that silencing the board could well be an effort by government intelligence agencies to see if they could silence critics during a possible FF (false flag) attack.

Anonymous posters on the 8chan board were advised by the board’s owner to “post while you can” during the cyberattack.

Alex Jones has speculated that the hard-left and the intelligence agencies are resorting to AI (Artificial Intelligence) engines to back heavy DDOS cyberattacks aimed at disrupting and possibly even silencing vocal critics on the Internet.

This week, before QAnon went silent, QAnon warned in posts on Sunday that a heavy cyberattack had begun, warning the owner and operator of 8chan to watch for specific code in the website’s structure that was considered vulnerable to cyberattack.

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