Top Russian Finance Official Gives Huge Endorsement to Cryptos (Sergey Gorkov)


by Louis Heyward, Russia Insider:

A major endorsement from a very influential bureaucrat

In Russian finance, Sergey Gorkov is a very big deal.

Reputedly a former KGB officer, he was the number 2 at Russia’s biggest bank (Sberbank), and now runs Vneshekonombank (VEB), another huge government bank, whose Chairman of the Board is none other than the Prime Minister of Russia. The bank has a long history and reputation of being closest to the government, its pocket development bank, promoting government policies.

The 49 year old has a reputation of being one of the smarter, forward-looking bankers modernizing Russia’s finances. Americans may be familiar with his name because it came up in the RussiaGate hoax because of a meeting he had with Jared Kushner.

Speaking at Davos, Gorkov was obviously making a pre-planned statement, because he specially donned a black hoody with ‘Blockchain Heroes’ emblazoned across the front.

Gorkov spends a good 5 minutes lauding blockchain, explaining how Russia is ahead of the rest of the world primarily because a commitment has been made to this at the government level, and he stresses that the Russian government’s view on this differs greatly from other governments. He explains what the Russian government is doing to make Russia a leader in the field.

Very worthwhile to listen to what this man says. He speaks for the smart-money in Russia, and around the president.

Out of the world’s top five blockchain companies, three are Russian. 

The following clip taken from Russian nightly news (with transcript below) details the significant economic growth this has in store for Russia.

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