So Now What? :-)


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

It’s amusing, really.

Yesterday the President’s doctor takes to the lectern and the press spends an hour trying to find some way to spin his medical exam.

There really wasn’t one, by the way.  I know how to read a medical chart including all the basics on a metabolic panel and what I heard was right up the middle.

Trump is 71.  He’s overweight, borderline obese.  But his A1c is 5.0 which isn’t just good, it’s really good.  At his body mass he should be running somewhere around 6.0, which is “high normal” but still in-range.  Instead he’s up-the-middle normal.  His fasting glucose is 89  Again, up-the-middle normal.  Blood pressure?  Normal.  Ejection fraction?  Normal.  Exercise tolerance?  Normal.  Low-exposure CT? Normal.

Cholesterol?  Immaterial, really.  Seriously.  If he’s not evidence that the so-called “lipid hypothesis” is horse**** what is?  Here’s a guy who eats hamburgers all the time, lots of saturated fats, and guess what — lots of cholesterol in his blood.  But — no heart disease and no diabetes.  Why?  That’s simple — low systemic inflammation.

Guess what it appears he doesn’t eat a lot of?

Refined carbs and vegetable oils.  Steak and burgers for the win, to be blunt.

But heh, you know, it doesn’t matter really whether he does or doesn’t.  When the doc was drilled on how the hell a guy can eat like that and not wind up a walking heart attack he had a one-word (true) answer: Genetics.

Yep.  Luck the dice, basically.

Well, and a few other things.  No tobacco, especially, and no alcohol consumption.  At all.

Genetics is luck.  Choosing not to smoke is a choice.  So is not eating the fast carbs, which it appears Trump doesn’t.

I didn’t get a VO2Max from that presser, but I’d like one.  “Very good for age” doesn’t tell me much — I want a number, and the doc had one, since he did a stress test.  But that’s ok.  It’s probably not as good as mine (51-54, depending on where I am in conditioning for a race) but then again Trump has 15 years on me.  If mine is 51 in 15 years I’ll eat the paper this can be printed on.  Then again while my metabolic numbers are normal too I’m also 15 years younger.

There were questions as to whether golf counts as exercise (duh, really?)  It’d count more if he walked the course and even more if he carried his own bag, but the latter is not something a billionaire would do.  Oh, and the former?  Most courses won’t let you any more, because there are too many people who turn a round of golf into a 6+ hour ordeal if they walk, mostly because they’re 300+lb tubs-o-lard that more waddle than walk, and that makes play miserable for everyone else.  If you want to know how I know this it’s because I carried bags for some of them when I was a teen.  Never mind that I understand he’d kick my ass on the golf course as his handicap is said to be an amazing 2.8 — way ****ing better than damn near any 71 year old, even a retired PGA pro.  I know how to play this game and used to pretty-regularly.  I’ve seen videos of him hitting the ball and looked at it frame-by-frame.  I’ll never hit it like that on a consistent basis folks; he really does pretty-much have it dialed in.

Yeah, Trump is fat, but let’s cut the **** folks, there are some people who can be fat — at least somewhat fat, not morbidly obese — and healthy.  Not many, but some.  Trump is one of them.

As for cognitive impairment, that’s off the table too — assessed at Trump’s request.

So now what?

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