Expect Desperate and Insane Behavior From Government in 2018 – Part 2 (Bitcoin)


by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

The financial crisis of 2008/09 was the most significant event to happen in my lifetime. That episode, coupled with the deeply unethical and corrupt response to it, led to a direct delegitimization of governments and institutions worldwide. It’s precisely this self-inflicted destruction of credibility which opened up the window for the birthing of a new monetary and financial system in the wake of Bitcoin’s emergence in early 2009.

Bitcoin is a system designed to be everything the status quo isn’t. Decentralized, transparent, permissionless, with a well-defined and restricted monetary supply curve. Given the backdrop upon which it emerged, it’s unsurprising that as more time passes, the more popular it becomes.

Humanity is desperate for a major reboot and an entirely different way of doing things. Bitcoin and other crypto assets offer exactly that opportunity in the realm of finance and money, thus capturing the imagination of millions of the most brilliant and passionate people around the world. Since the status quo stubbornly refused to reform and change the system after the financial crisis, humanity had no choice but to take charge and do it independently at the grassroots level.

One thing that’s become increasingly clear to me as I’ve added years and experiences to my life, is that governments, generally speaking, hate freedom. It’s why something as beneficial and benign as cannabis remains illegal throughout the world, and why people like Jeff Sessions still want to criminalize it even in states where the actual people living there voted to make it legal (see Part 1 of this series). While the fairytale we’re conditioned to believe tells us government exists to protect us and create an environment in which humans can thrive, the reality is quite clearly the opposite. The crooked response to the financial crisis demonstrated this in spades to anyone paying even the slightest amount of attention.

As we transition into 2018, increasing numbers of people will see government and large corporations as the unified threat they represent to the global economy and human freedom. Younger generations are particularly aware, as they’ve been thrust into a parasitic system designed to prey upon them via a lifetime of debt serfdom. The more people learn about the way the world really works, the more they’ll want to reject it and create something entirely different. This is where Bitcoin and crypto assets come into play.

As Bitcoin rose through the $10,000 mark, I noticed an explosion in panic and fear on behalf of those who want to keep the current system in place.  This is to be expected, as Bitcoin’s popularity is and should be seen as a report card on the global status quo. The financial system as it’s currently constructed is being publicly rejected with every uptick in the Bitcoin price, and with every billion dollars added to total crypto asset market capitalization. Naturally, this will make those in charge of the current predatory system, and those who have benefited most from it (oligarchs), increasingly hostile to its popularity.

There are so many recent examples of such hostility it’d be impossible to highlight them all, but I’ll provide you with a few examples so you know what I mean.

First, there was the clip of two billionaires, Michael Bloomberg and Lloyd Blankfein, discussing Bitcoin on Bloomberg.

They weren’t the only billionaires who chirped in about Bitcoin last week. Financial oligarch Ken Griffin came out with the truly original line of comparing Bitcoin to tulips, something I’ve heard non-stop in the more than five years I’ve been involved in the community. Via CNBC:

Citadel’s Ken Griffin said Monday that bitcoin may be in a bubble.

“Bitcoin right now has many of the elements of the tulip bulb mania we saw back hundreds of years ago in Holland,” said the billionaire hedge fund manager in an exclusive interview with CNBC’s Leslie Picker.

Griffin, however, said he does believe the blockchain technology backing the cryptocurrency is valid.

Griffin’s estimated net worth is $8.6 billion. Makes you wonder what sort of society and economy enriched someone like this to such an extent.

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