Are There Right-Wing Snowflakes Now?


by Chris Rossini, Ron Paul Liberty Report:

The “snowflake” moniker is often used to refer to people who are easily offended by just about everything. Unable to accept or acknowledge free will, these “snowflakes” attempt to use bully tactics and even government legislation to try to force people to think and act in a certain way.

It’s more of an annoyance than anything else. Free will still reigns supreme. No amount of legislation can change that. We’re all still naturally free to form our own opinions and act on them.

While the “snowflake” designation has usually been reserved for people on the left-side of the political spectrum, we may be seeing the emergence of “snowflakes” on the right as well.

Apparently, many people on the right are offended by athletes (or anyone else) not standing up in front of the American flag while the national anthem is playing. Unable to acknowledge free will, they attempt to use bully tactics to try to force people to act a certain way.

Are there right-wing “snowflakes” now?

Notice that both sides are primarily concerned about the thoughts and opinions of others. They can’t mind their own business.

Snowflakes see themselves as definers.

They’ll tell you what things mean.

On the Left, they’ll define what is “beautiful,” and you have to make your opinion match it. If your opinion doesn’t match it, they’ll call you some derogatory name. (They have a million of them).

On the Right, they are to define what the flag means, and you have to make your opinion match it.

If they say that the flag stands for “freedom,” you don’t have the freedom to think otherwise. 

Those of us who advocate liberty and peace have no use for bully tactics and legislation. Everyone is free to form their own opinions without punishment.

If you think that something or someone is beautiful, then it’s obviously beautiful to you. No one has a right to tell you otherwise, or force you to think otherwise.

If you love the American flag, hate the flag, or couldn’t care less one way or another, that opinion is your own.

You’re not a robot that needs to be programmed to love it, to hate it, oreven care.

For advocates of liberty, one idea reigns supreme: Don’t use aggressive force against anyone. Force is only justified and moral when used in self-defense to repel an aggressor.

Advocates of liberty are not “snowflakes” in any sense of word.

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