Only Stupid People Demand Banning Guns


from BATR:

How many times has this country been subjected to the same old canards that if we only ban firearms, some kind of mythical conveyance will shine over the aggressive nature of the American public and the altar boys will emerge to bless the rest of the law-abiding citizens? Get REAL. There is no magic bullet that will curve around the aiming path of a shooter unless Senator Arlen Specter can be resurrected to explain how the laws of physics can be bent to fit the narrative. For the armchair prognosticators let them enjoy the sport of dissecting the Las Vegas “situation“. Sorry, at the end of the distraction; nothing but a footnote in the long saga of diverting the public away from the true fundamentals of oppression, the Stephen Paddock’s in this violent society will just melt into obscurity.   

With all the fanfare that always accompanies the hysterics from the limousine liberals, who routinely are protected by their gun packing security teams, the celebrity moralists continue to preach why ordinary citizens must relinquish their self-protection firearms as a necessary price to keep La La Land safe.

The rebuttal comes from World Net Daily which provides a good overview in the Top 5 anti-gun proposals and why they’ll never stop a madman. According to “Dr. John Lott says the proposals either already failed to stop killers or would do little more than serve as a political win that doesn’t make anyone safer.”

Such arguments never will shut up Mr. loud mouth himself. The Fox Insider reports that Michael Moore Calls for Repeal of ‘Ancient & Outdated’ 2nd Amendment. “He acknowledged that we can never eliminate murder, but we can join the community of “enlightened nations” where gun violence is not a “daily tragedy.”

For Moore’s Facebook statement read, My Proposal to Repeal the Second Amendment and Replace It with This:


“A well regulated State National Guard, being helpful to the safety and security of a State in times of need, along with the strictly regulated right of the people to keep and bear a limited number of non-automatic Arms for sport and hunting, with respect to the primary right of all people to be free from gun violence, this shall not be infringed.”

I, Michael Moore, along with all who support an end to this epidemic of gun violence, propose a new Amendment to our Constitution that repeals the ancient and outdated 2nd Amendment (which was written before bullets and revolvers were even invented), and replaces it with a new 28th Amendment that guarantees States can have State militias (a.k.a. State National Guards which are made up of citizen-soldiers who are called upon in times of natural disasters or other State emergencies), allows individuals to use guns for sport and gathering food, and guarantees everyone the right to be free of, and protected from, gun violence (i.e., the public’s safety comes ahead of an individual’s right to own and fire a gun).

This amendment would allow states and the federal government to pass laws that would regulate gun ownership in the following manner:

Read his entire list in his repeal of the 2nd Amendment from a man who has A Love Affair with Wall Street Capitalism.


WOW, America should become one of those “Enlightened Nations” that have been stripped of their natural right to effective self-defense by banning guns from the common man. If you want to make society safer, put in place the Swiss model of an armed citizenry and refute the European Union version of defenseless prey to criminals and terrorists.


Coming from a genuine enlightened celebrity James Woods shreds Geraldo Rivera for attacking Second Amendment on Twitter.


“Since the tragic Las Vegas shooting, anti-gun liberals have used whatever means available, including social media, to spread anti-Second Amendment propaganda and distortions, no doubt hoping to see the amendment repealed.

As one can imagine, these attempts have only revealed the ignorance of the anti-gun left.  Unfortunately, instead of educating themselves on the issue, liberals have simply doubled down on the “stupid,” showing their true colors.

A post at the Gateway Pundit correctly observes that “‘psychos’ and terrorists can easily purchase or rent a vehicle and plow over people as we have seen numerous times…”

So we have to ask: Why aren’t these same liberals demanding vehicle control?  What about background checks for those who wish to rent a van or a truck?”

Appreciate the stupidity of Geraldo Rivera, a lifelong progressive who masquerades as a converted moderate and a reliable journalist, for the apologetic guilt ridden privileged class of establishment gatekeepers.

Just so folks do not misconstrue that only progressives are dim-witted, there are many mainstream right learning pundits that fit the bill as dumber than dirt. The Hill reports that one such self-proclaimed “conservative New York Times columnist Bret Stephens called for a repeal of the Second Amendment in a Thursday op-ed.” Mr. Stephens writes:

“The Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s, the New York draft riots of 1863, the coal miners’ rebellion of 1921, the Brink’s robbery of 1981 — does any serious conservative think of these as great moments in Second Amendment activism?”

Well, Mr. NYT federalist, authentic paleo-conservatives would vigorously side with those confronting the tyranny of the central government during the Whiskey Rebellion and side with the resistance against the Union draft for funneling cannon fodder to wage the War of Northern Aggression.

Such faux conservatives are sorely lacking in a proper education of what it means to have a society based upon individual liberty.

The proper viewpoint why the second amendment is crucial to the survival of America as a free nation of sovereign citizens is provided by Richard Ebeling in The Daily Bell.

“The taking up of arms is a last resort, not a first, against the intrusions and oppressions of government. Once started, revolutions and rebellions can have consequences no one can foretell, and final outcomes are sometimes worse than the grievance against which resistance was first offered. However, there are times, “in the course of human events,” when men must risk the final measure to preserve or restore the liberty that government threatens or has taken away. The likelihood that government will feel secure in undertaking infringements on the freedoms of Americans would be diminished if it knew that any systematic invasion of people’s life, liberty and property might meet armed resistance by both the victim and those in the surrounding areas who came to his aid because of the concern that their own liberty might be the next to be violated.

As a people, we have swum against the tide of collectivism, socialism and welfare statism to a greater degree, for the most part, than have our western European cousins. As a result, in many areas of life we have remained freer, especially in our market activities, than they. The fact that other peoples in other lands chose to follow foolish paths leading to disastrous outcomes does not mean that we should follow in their footsteps.”

Yes, those that advocate people must submit to the demands of the collectivists are the real fools. Being an idiot is a constitutionally protected practice. It is hard to argue against that most sophisticated “PC” neophytes have a diminished political weight for their opinions. After all, a marginal voter seldom becomes an activist in working the political system. Blowhards may vent steam from their overheated heads, but few enlist in the grunt work to lobby the careerist government parasites that they need to apply constitutional protections and restraints to their official duties.

Legislatures rarely have the courage to defend the Bill of Rights. The hard effort falls to groups like the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America when it comes to the Second Amendment. Most citizens would like to avoid any confrontations or avert engaging in the serious topics of a responsible citizen.

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