Which kills you faster – chemotherapy or cancer?


by S.D. Wells NaturalNews:

Science is now proving that chemotherapy actually causes cancer to spread throughout the body. How will the hospitals and oncologists write it up? Will they say the patient died from cancer or chemotherapy? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. The medical industrial complex can’t sustain their billion-dollar-a-year cancer business if they blame the real culprit of destroyed immunity, acidic blood and ultimate cell mutation that takes over the body of the patient. According to the Pharma Death Clock, there have been over 17 million U.S. deaths caused by chemotherapy since 2001, yet under 11 million deaths were caused by cancer itself, so what’s wrong with this picture?

Consider this carefully: If you have much better odds of preventing and defeating cancer by changing your diet to a plant-based food regimen, rather than polluting your entire bloodstream with toxic chemotherapy, why isn’t this all-important food-lifestyle change the mainstream method for treating cancer, and why isn’t it offered like a prescription? Most Americans can’t handle the change – that’s why. They want their bacon, hot dogs, subs, bagels, French fries, Starbucks specialty drinks, microwave meals and processed sweets, and they want some or all of these every day. They’re literally addicted.

Consider that the combination of already having cancer and getting dosed with chemotherapy and radiation after stressful surgeries compounds the problem. Cancer is a mutation of your cells that causes them to multiply uncontrollably and then turn and attack your good cells, your organs, and your vital tissues. Take a big guess now – what is the main fuel for cancer cells? Answer: Chemicals. There are dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals posing as additives, preservatives and “excipients” in most conventional food, genetically modified foods, allopathic medicine, vaccines, flu shots, tap water, personal care products, household cleaners, gardening products, candles, air fresheners, pet care products, and the list goes on.

Prescription drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can all exacerbate cancer cell growth

Once you become a “regular” consumer of prescription drugs for anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes, once again you are compounding the chemical onslaught daily. You are creating more bad cells than good cells and you are depriving your good cells of oxygen. That is the cancer recipe, my friends. Change the recipe and you change your odds of beating cancer drastically!

So now, which kills you faster – chemotherapy or cancer? The answer is both. When combined you only have a three percent chance of survival. That’s why 75 percent of doctors, surgeons and oncologists would never take chemotherapy themselves nor recommend it for family members.

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