Why Won’t the DNC Release Evidence of Seth Rich’s Ties to Wikileaks?


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
The murder of DNC staffer and possible Wikileaks informant Seth Rich continues to remain largely silent in the mainstream media more than a year after his death. What’s even more disturbing is the way the Democratic National Committee is handling the issue. They are failing to provide pertinent information regarding whether or not Seth Rich actually was the informant that leaked tens of thousands of emails to Wikileaks just days before his murder.

Alicia Powe at WND reports:

WASHINGTON – A team of private investigators demanded the Democratic National Committee turn over “any and all” information that could help determine whether there is a link between the DNC email hacking during the 2016 presidential race and the mysterious murder of DNC employee Seth Rich.

But the DNC wouldn’t provide any information Thursday, claiming it’s “not interested in propagating conspiracy theories about a beloved colleague.”

While the DNC insists that its email was hacked by Russia in a grand conspiracy to assist Donald Trump in “rigging” the election, the Profiling Project pointed out in a letter to DNC Chairman Tom Perez that Guccifer 2.0 categorically denied links between the Russian government and the hacked documents.

“There have been all sorts of reporting in the media on the DNC computer hacking on June 14, 2016, one month before Mr. Rich’s murder,” the letter states. “At the time, the DNC blamed the hacking on two groups associated with Russian intelligence. However, a blogger named Guccifer 2.0 subsequently claimed that he hacked your computer system, and passed along thousands of pages of files to WikiLeaks.

“Subsequent unsubstantiated reports have linked Mr. Rich’s murder with either Russia or WikiLeaks or both, suggesting that Mr. Rich was the source of the emails or he was connected in some other way.”

Why not? Why will the DNC continue to not seriously engage the public and the media in regards to finding Rich’s murderers and providing vital information? I’m simply asking, are they attempting to coverup a murder they were involved in? Before you write me off as a conspiracy theorist, consider what had taken place.

The 2016 presidential elections were just months away. Rich discovers improprieties in the DNC and seek to leak that information, believing it is in the country’s best interest to know the truth. When this is discovered, a hit is put out on him and within two weeks of his murder, Wikileaks releases tens of thousands of emails that paint an ugly picture of members of the Democratic Party, the Hillary Clinton campaign and their attempts to promote Clinton over her opponent Bernie Sanders.

The only thing we know that the DNC did regarding Seth Rich was to dedicate a bike rack to him.

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