Anti-Trump Protesters Literally Have No Idea What They Are Protesting About


by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:
Another video exposé by Austen Fletcher reveals how anti-Trump protesters literally have no idea what they are protesting about.

One individual in a Spiderman mask crouching on the floor begins rambling semi-incoherantly, stating, “No Trump says no to racism.”

“Let’s have a color-filled America, a melting pot, like America was supposed to be built on,” he adds.

The man is then asked by Fletcher, “What about the diversity you’re seeing on the Trump side? There’s blacks, Hispanics, gays for Trump, there’s a lot of different people that support Trump?”

“Is there? Wow,” Spiderman blithely responds.

Another young woman with an English accent claims she is seeing “racism – constantly!” and when asked where she’s seen racism, the woman responds, “On television, anywhere really!”

“What has he done that’s racist?” asks Fletcher.

“I don’t know,” responds the woman.

Spiderman then claims that Trump is racist because he “says make America white again” (something that Trump has never said).

“But what about in the 90’s when Jesse Jackson gave him an award for being a champion to the black community?” asks Fletcher.

“Hey,” the man responds before falling silent and then crawling away on the floor.

The responses were pretty ironic given that one of the anti-Trump protesters earlier claimed that “Trump supporters have no idea what they’re talking about.”

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