10 affordable food and nutritional items you can stockpile before the big crisis hits


from TheHealthRanger:


  1. Excellent advice in a very short little video. The list is fantastically simple & effective.
    Glad they put cooking-OILs on the list.

    I’ve got those things listed, along with all my canned good, dry foods, etc. I also keep at least 20 cans of Hunt’s spaghetti sauces (they have a spicy-or “zesty” one that I really like best)…to help jazz-up rice dishes, beans, etc. AND, multiple jars of SALSA sauce to add flavor to all kinds of dishes.

    There are some cheap, cheese dips in the can, (soft, melty style), that often can be found with a 2yr shelf life, great for cooking. regular or jalapeno’. If you toss them in the deep freeze, then you can probably store them for more than 10yrs. (watching those videos of the guy who eats ANCIENT MRE’s, it’s good to see how long things can be safe to eat, long past the Best-buy dates.)

    Just in case you forgot, or never noticed… those “Augason Farms” canned (BIG cans-number 10’s)…dehydrated foods (on the Walmart website), are made with oxygen absorbers (a Mormon family farm & food sales business), have a shelf life of 10-20 years (depending on the product). They’ve got veggies, meats, whole grain (plantable too, such as hard red wheat berries, white wheat, etc).

    FREE shipping once you reach about $50 size, and the shipping boxes, (2 sizes), hold either 3 or 6 of the No.10 cans. So it’s more efficient shipping if your order will fill up those boxes (such as THREE, SIX, nine, or 12 cans at a time). If your order is for an “even number” of cans, there will be an empty space in one of those boxes.

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