Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tag: Freedom of Speech Comes to an End in Germany

Freedom of Speech Comes to an End in Germany


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:
The most anti-democratic law perhaps ever to pass any western government just passed in the German Bundestag last week. Even the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) votes to suppress free speech and it is all geared to end criticism of government. This new law obligates the operators of social networks to block off anything that they themselves view “might be” criminal within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint. Other illegal content must be “deleted” or “blocked” within seven days.

The problem is rather simple. It boils down to there is no judicial determination as to what might be criminal and there is nothing specifically deemed to be criminal in the act. The word “criminal” is left totally undefined. Traditionally, the foundation of law in a free society is known as DUE PROCESS. This concept comes from the Bible. When Cain kills Abel, God knew what he had done. Nevertheless, he (1) summoned him, (2) asked him his side of the story, (3) judged him, and (4) sentenced him. It is presumed that God knew what took place, yet he still allowed Cain to explain and defend himself – i.e. Due Process of Law.