Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tag: Environmental Advocates Murdered At Alarming Rates Last Year

Environmental Advocates Murdered At Alarming Rates Last Year, Analysis Reveals

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist:
Nearly 4 were killed every week last year.

Anyone can be an environmentalist these days, but it’s those that go above and beyond to protect nature and wildlife that are truly at risk, according to the watchdog group Global Witness. The group uses a number of resources to uncover corruption and advocate for transparency in the mining, logging, oil and gas sectors and has also turned their attention to the number of environmentalists that are murdered annually.

According to the non-profit group, two hundred environmentalists, wildlife rangers, and indigenous leaders were killed in 2016, which adds up to nearly 4 every week. These deaths were classified as murders, and The Guardian has teamed up Global Witness to accurately count the deaths that occur in 2017. By the end of May, 98 killings were identified.