Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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With World ‘At The Brink’, Was Wells Fargo ‘Glitch’ Another Sign They’re Preparing To Bring Everything Crashing Down?


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

Only ‘Nuclear Options’ May Soon Remain For Globalists To Bring About Our Sudden, Cataclysmic End

Imagine waking up one morning like thousands of Wells Fargo bank customers recently did to check your bank account balance and find there is no longer ANY money in your account and the bills you pay have been paid twice, with double service fees. 

Also unable to get through to your bank due to jammed phones from countless other customers who were also attempting to call in and complain, CBS Philly reports that this recent ‘glitch’ was just the latest black eye for the company, which was involved in a massive scandal in 2016 after it was discovered Wells Fargo employees opened millions of fake accounts to meet sales goals.

And while this time around, the ‘glitch’ will be fixed and the countless many who had their money unwillingly drained from their accounts will get their money back, ‘tomorrow’ they may not be so lucky should any one of numerous ‘worst case scenarios’ come in to play. 

Whether via a massive cyber attack upon banks across America, a grid down scenario, nuclear war or ‘collapse of the system’ that we live within, those who are depending upon something that they may never be able to get access to should ‘the next time around‘ be ‘the real deal’ will be left out in the cold, unable to access their money (because it’s not really their’s, anyway, once deposited into a bank!) to feed their families or purchase other needed goods or supplies.  

And as we see detailed within this ANP story, between very suspicious ‘nuclear false alarms’ in both Japan and Hawaii, proof of an attempted deep state coup against President Trump and globalist media organizations hinting at President Trump going down by a heart attack, those who’ve long been working to destroy America may soon have no choice BUT to go to one of their ‘nuclear options’. 

As several ANP commenters have recently mentioned within story comment sections, with the President Trump/Russia collusion story completely falling apart and possible criminal charges coming against select members of the ‘deep state’, now would be a perfect time for them to pull off ‘a diversion’ so at this time, we ask all to please pray for the safety and God’s protection of President Trump. 

As we hear in the 1st video below from Christopher Greene of AMTV, even after the Wells Fargo ‘glitch’, for some reason, people still think that ‘fiat money’ is ‘real money’. And with this ‘event’ giving us once again the perfect reason for us all to be preparing for whatever might come our way, to say that the globalists are fearful of President Trump and his ‘America-1st agenda’ and still have plans to take him down might be an understatement. 

As Nobel Peace prize winning economist and prominent globalist Robert Shiller recently told CNBC, President Trump has launched a ‘nationalist revolution’ against the globalists and undoubtedly on behalf of many of the political class, Shiller said he found it “troublesome” and was “concerned” that the Trump phenomenon was derailing globalism.

Interestingly, Shiller also echoes comments that ANP has reported time and again in the first part of his statement seen below: “Trump is the Revolution”. And while Shiller calls this ‘unfortunate’, we see it as a glorious thing.: 

“Trump is a revolution unfortunately, (and one) who’s reaffirming nationalism,” said Shiller, expressing his desire that Democrats will recapture control of Congress after the mid-terms so that Trump’s agenda is “defanged”. 

And while some might say that not enough has yet changed to consider President Trump ‘a revolution’, the mere fact that Hillary isn’t sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, despite the massive collusion between the mainstream media, parts of the FBI, DOJ and the ‘deep state’ to get her there, proves we’re watching something fabulous playing out before our eyes as #Obamagate erupts for the entire world to see.  

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