Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tag: We Either See Justice Now Or Never

We Either See Justice Now Or Never


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

The corruption displayed here is literally breathtaking.

There is nothing new about political candidates intentionally lying about their opponents.  There’s nothing illegal about it either, generally.  The bar for actionable conduct when it comes to political candidates and the speech directed at them is extraordinarily high, and for good reason — the voters are the ones expected to sort it all out.

On the other hand there is an absolute bar (under the Hatch Act) for federal employees engaging in any sort of partisan political activity while on the clock or using the resources of the Federal Government. Higher-level employees, including all political appointees, are prohibited from engaging in any partisan political activity, whether on the clock or not.

It is now clear that a large number of FBI employees, including those with direct ties to Mueller who is now serving as a “special counsel”, violated that law.  Further, the FBI itself paid for part of the work used to attack the President-elect, an outrageously-illegal and partisan political activity.  Finally, out of the dozens or hundreds of FBI employees who had to be aware of this none blew the whistle publicly.

I remind you that the FBI is the federal law enforcement agency.  Corruption or attempting to steer political outcomes within the FBI cannot be excused under any circumstance.  Such amounts to attempting to subjugate the political process in favor of literal tyranny.

Mueller’s connection to all of this is both proximate and supervisory.  President Trump now must fire him for cause; if he does not immediately do so then he is complicit and personally involved as well since the actions of Mueller, Comey and others are no longer a matter of speculation but known fact.

In addition the facts that have developed over the Uranium One deal, as I have previously noted, not only suggest but appear to prove that the FBI covered up the existence of their investigation despite knowing that the transaction was being vetted by government agencies who were required to sign off before it was consummated.

It is now established that the FBI willfully and intentionally did not alert any of the departments involved, nor Congress, that an investigation was under way, despite having evidence of extremely-serious, felony level unlawful actions by foreign national principals involved in said transaction including extortion.  Further, said principals, after consummating the deal, “gave” well over $100 million to the Clinton Foundation, when the State Department headed by Clinton was one of the agencies that had to sign off on said transaction.  While the public information to date does not prove this was a pay-off for the Department looking the other way and the Obama Executive suppressing the FBI’s investigation (I remind you that the FBI is part of the Executive under our Constitution) it certainly smells like it, and the willful and intentional suppression of this information for the amount of time involved thus far looks like an attempt to run the Statute of Limitations in a corrupt and intentionally unlawful manner.

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