Saturday, July 24, 2021

Tag: we are in a very dangerous place

Given that the left still refuses to accept the 2016 US election outcome, we are in a very dangerous place

by Dan Kurz, DK Analytics:

With 2018 midterm elections less than a month away, a return to more representative, less lawless government hangs in the balance:

Trump won and the Republicans are (still) in control of both chambers of Congress, but neither the Democrats, the mediaHollywood, the universitiesSilicon ValleyK StreetWall Street, nor theadministrative (deep) state have accepted the election results.  Quite the representative government and rule of law pummeling resistance.  Hillary Clinton’s and Barrack Obama’s Saul Alinksy rules for radicals playbook in action.  We see Alinksy’s mobster tactics at work everywhere.  Perhaps the conviction that the left refuses to accept the 2016 election result is best captured thusly: