Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tag: Video Appears to Show Cop Hide Drugs Behind His Back Before Planting Them in a Car

Video Appears to Show Cop Hide Drugs Behind His Back Before Planting Them in a Car


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Damning video appears to show a police officer hiding drugs behind his back and then walking over to a man’s trunk and planting them inside.

While the Free Thought Project doesn’t necessarily report on videos without having background information first to properly conduct an investigation, a new video that has been submitted to us is so damning that we are posting it just to try and find out what department it is and what was going on.

The person who submitted the video to the Free Thought Project says it takes place in New Jersey. In the video, we see an officer walking toward a person detained in their vehicle during an apparent search.

As the officer walks by his fellow officers, he has both of his hands behind his back. He then flashes his right hand toward his fellow officer—while still behind his back—to show him that he indeed has something in his hand.

When the fellow officer acknowledges something in other officer’s hand, he looks at it, somewhat nods, and then walks away. At this point, the officer appears to put whatever he had in his hand into his pocket.

The man filming is narrating the entire time. Apparently having seen this type of thing before, he called it as he saw it.

“He had nothing on him. You see what he’s doing, he’s showing it from behind his back. He put that on that man,” explains the man filming.

As the cop pretends to search through the man’s trunk, he fumbles with his back pocket in an apparent attempt to remove the package. Once the officer has something in his hand again, he appears to place it in the trunk.

“He put it on him,” the man filming says.

While the original video claims to be taken in New Jersey, others have reached out to TFTP and mentioned that it could also be Baltimore.

If you have any information as to where this video took place, please email TFTP at the contact us link here.

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