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Tag: USAID Ruining Myanmar’s Stability to Hinder China’s Rise – Author

Soros, NED, USAID Ruining Myanmar’s Stability to Hinder China’s Rise – Author

from Sputnik News:

Billionaire George Soros continues to pull the strings in Myanmar, along with American non-government entities, geopolitical researcher and author Anthony Cartalucci has told Sputnik, suggesting that the Rohingya crisis is a pretext to beef up the US’ political and military presence in the region to contain China’s rise.

“Soros’ foundation along with the US State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USAID and many others have for decades and will continue indefinitely undermining stability in Myanmar and across Southeast Asia to hinder China’s rise and delay America’s decline in the region for as long as possible,” Anthony Cartalucci, a Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and author, says.

Soros’ Interest in Myanmar ‘Goes Back to 1987’

Hungarian-American investor and business magnate George Soros has a long record of meddling in Myanmar’s affairs and the Southeast Asian region in general.

Forbes reported in 2007 that Soros was spending $2 million a year, “trying to pave the way for democracy in Burma [Myanmar],” through the Burma Project, kicked off in 1994 and operated by the investor’s Open Society Foundations.

According to the media outlet, “Soros’ interest in Burma [Myanmar] goes back to the fall of 1987,” when protests against the government’s currency reform began. In 1988 Nationwide Popular Pro-Democracy Protests — a series of nationwide demonstrations and civil unrest — engulfed the country. It was then that Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD) and Myanmar’s incumbent State Counsellor, emerged nothing short of a “national icon.”

Soros and Asian Financial Crisis of 1997

Leaked Memo: Is Soros Planning ‘Series of Color Revolutions’ in Southeast Asia?

In 1997 the American billionaire came under heavy criticism from Southeast Asia nations for the speculative attack on the country’s currencies in mid-July, known as the Asian financial crisis.

Speaking to Fortune’s Neel Chowdhury, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad stated on September 29, 1997 that Kuala Lumpur had “definite information” and “every evidence” that Soros was involved in the financial crisis, adding that the US investor was “not the only one” who fanned its flames.

“In fact, he [Soros] more or less confessed later on that he was involved,” Mahathir highlighted. “He had this idea that by applying pressure on Thailand and Malaysia he could prevent Myanmar from joining ASEAN [the Association of Southeast Asian Nations].”

As the media outlet noted, “Soros was irked that in late July, Mahathir and the other leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations formally ushered Myanmar into ASEAN.”

Why Did Soros Seek to Prevent Myanmar From Joining ASEAN?

“In 1997 when Myanmar joined ASEAN, the US — Soros included — had already been deeply involved in coercing, pressuring, and manipulating Southeast Asian states for decades as a continuation of Western colonialism,” Cartalucci responded.

The geopolitical researcher explained that “Myanmar’s acceptance into ASEAN gave it options, legitimacy, and leverage that the US was attempting to strip away from it just as it does today with nations like Syria, North Korea, or Iran through political isolation, economic sanctions, media campaigns, and covert subversion.”

“Efforts to hinder Myanmar’s membership in ASEAN were intended to deny it a much needed lifeline,” he remarked.

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