Friday, March 5, 2021

Tag: The Front-line Is About To Shift To End This Gold & Silver Price War Stalemate

The Front-line Is About To Shift To End This Gold & Silver Price War Stalemate

from SilverDoctors:

SD Midweek Update: The give and take has been brutal, but one of the sides is about to go over the bags and go on the offensive. Here’s an update…

The fundamental news is nothing short of complete and total uncertainty. A month after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, we had the worst mass shooting in a church in U.S. history. On top of the worsening domestic situation, Saudi Arabia is in utter chaos right now with dead princes, frozen bank accounts, war and war threats, and a petro-dollar that behind closed doors most certainly undergoing spats of violent convulsions.

So coming into Monday it seems there would be a lot of fear and uncertainty in the markets.

And under normal circumstances it would, and it most likely does have a lot of fear and uncertainty in the markets right now.

Yet the “fear index”, the VIX, stayed under 10 all day long:

To anybody who does not understand how this is possible, let’s go over two things:

  1. Sell short “fear”
  2. Buy Index futures

Just like the cartel throws unlimited paper gold and paper silver a the markets, the cartel (as in the Fed representing the banking sector and the Exchange Stabilization Fund representing the government) can throw unlimited paper at the stock markets too.

And they do.

So it is not that there is no fear in the markets. Certainly there is more fear in the United States and globally right now than ever before. But it’s nothing a little debt based fiat currency can’t solve when there is both a printing press and networked market control at the speed of light. Literally.

So not only is is no surprise that the VIX is so low, but, well, this:

And since our President turned Market Cheerleader In Chief pumps every new high, one has to wonder if he is just waiting to give the signal to pull the plug, or if he has merely sold out? Because just yesterday, in the midst of his Asian tour, our President was all about some stock market:

Time will tell if he will overturn the apple cart or if he has given in to the Deep State, but a problem is developing either way.

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