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Tag: The Deep State Left Is Close to Initiating a Coup Against Trump and Take Control of the Country

The Deep State Left Is Close to Initiating a Coup Against Trump and Take Control of the Country


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The United States stands of the verge of war. Bomber crews are confined to their planes. F-35 crew chiefs are confined to base and are sleeping in their hangers. The nation’s attention is fixated on North Korea. However, the real action could happen at home. In the following dot connecting exercise, I believe that under the cover of the build up for world war, we are witnessinga a great distraction. I believe that the Deep State, using their Democratic Party operatives are planning to initiate a coup against Donald Trump and take over the country. It won’t just be Trump that goes, so will your civil liberties including your freedom of speech and the right to own guns. I further believe that the demented Congresswoman from California, Maxine Waters, is dumb enough and senile enough to have let the cat out of the bag given her recent assassination threats against Trump.

The Lunatic Speaks

Lunatic Democrat, and now felon, Maxine Waters (D-CA) has totally crossed the line. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has made a name for herself since President Donald Trump was sworn into office. Waters travels the country and never misses theopportunity to promise the impeachment of the president, including during her friend’s eulogy. Last week, the insane, now criminal, Maxine Waters, took her anti-Trump hysterics to the next level and vowed to “take Trump out” to a cheering crowd of Democrats. Under Federal law, it is a felony to threaten the life of the President, under any and all circumstances. However, I believe that she is telling us what is coming.

The liberal media cannot spin this. Here is the threat against President Trump in her own words:

Even the communist organization, Youtube, owned by Google, the organization that wants to control every Internet searcha nd all the news that is watched and read, came out and condemned Waters for her heinous statements. In fact, Youtube took the video down. Knock me over with a feather, Youtube is actually adhering to the rule of law.  Here’s the story:

Of course there is the lunatic left that is saying that Waters did not really mean it. The groups that Waters said should kill the President, by description, would include Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Waters meant it and unforturnately, we have a subversive element in our country that is planning to not only execute a coup against Donald Trump, but they want to wage war against the Constitution and take over the country. Could this be the November 4th debacle we have all been warned about?

Maxine Waters Is Part of a Plot In Which 80 Congressional Traitors Are Planning Initiate a Coup Against President Trump and Take Over the Country

Trevor Louden, the author of Enemies Within, Doug Hagmann and myself are all saying the same thing. We are in the midst of a civil war that is designed to take down the United States. The New World Order must destroy the US because there is no place in the New World Orer for liberty and freedom. The idea of a nation state will go by the wayside and the planet will be governed corporate style, such as in the 1975 movie, Rollerball.

Prior to the election of Trump, the globalists were in the final phase of extracting as much material wealth from the people of the United States before collapsing the system. Now the globalists must fight to get back what ground they have lost due to the election of Trump.

The Democrats and the Republicans are united on the need to takedown Donald Trump. Trump is not their enemy, but rather the symbol that will be used to usher in the New World Order. President Trump is the convenient fall-guy from which to target so the globalists can squash, once and for all, the populist spirit of the American people prior to the nation’s destruction.

The Congress and the Senate are united on two fronts:

  1. They both support free trade agreements and these “representatives of the people” have been handsomely rewarded for falling into line with the corporate takeover of the US government.
  2. The globalists are promoting mass immigration in all major western nations. Why? The answer is simple, they seek to decultralize the major nations prior to establishing global governance. When the dominant language and the mores and the customs of the modern nations are gone, all that is left is globalism.

All, in all, this process can best be understood from 3 perspectives. The three perspectives, as I mentioned, comes from Trevor Louden, Doug Hagmann and myself.

Part One: The Enemies Within-Trevor Louden

In both his book and his documentary by the same name, Louden identifes 80 elected representatives of the American people who have been elected to the the House and the Senate who belong to front groups for either the Communist Party or the world’s biggest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, or both at the same time. Largely, these representatives, such as Elizabeth Warren and John McCain have been recruited from the ranks of those who enthusiastically supported free trade and the subsequent loss of millions of American jobs. McCain was a co-sponsor of CAFTA, a free trade agreement.

Louden detais how these associations impacts the American people as it alters Congressional policies and laws that are passed.

Louden’s documentary is available on Amazon Prime.  Also, I should mention that former Congressman West, and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (who will be a future guest of The Common Sense Show) makes the exact same claims as does Louden and he names the same people. Am I talking about treason? You are damn right I am.

Part Two: The Subversive Groups of Obama and Soros-Doug Hagmann

In the follwing video, Doug Hagmann described, in detail, the emerging and covert army that is emerging in American designed to overthrow the government. As I said, Donald Trump is just a convenient target, the real objective is the subjugation of, the depopulation of the people of the United States, as well as the destruction of the US Constitution and all of American civil liberties.

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