Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tag: The Co-Existence Of “Scarcity Assets”

The Co-Existence Of “Scarcity Assets”

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
On this day before yet another FOMC propaganda event, how can stock futures not be higher – given that, per the well-documented “pre-FOMC drift” manipulation scheme, for the past decade, stocks have enjoyed their biggest gains the days before and during FOMC announcements. Conversely, how can Precious Metals not be suppressed – per the 87th “2:15 AM” EST attack of the past 1,002 trading days – i.e., the open of the ultra-thinly traded London “pre-market” paper trading session; in this case, with the dollar down, to its lowest level in more than a year? Which interestingly, is rapidly reversing as I edit.