Saturday, March 6, 2021

Tag: Take Down America And Unleash Chaos Are Further Examined

Antifa Launches ‘Operation Incognito’ As Domestic Terrorists Plans To Overthrow President Trump, Take Down America And Unleash Chaos Are Further Examined


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

While the mainstream media still ludicrously calls antifa plans to attempt an overthrow of President Trump and thus take down America a ‘conspiracy theory’, the domestic terrorists themselves have just taken out a full page ad in the NY Times proclaiming their plans and attempting to raise more funds as heard in the 1st video below. The full NY Times ad can be seen below videos. 

Coming soon after Project Veritas exposed the NY Times as being staunchly ‘anti-Trump’, do those so-called ‘antifascists’, who are clearly doing the work OF ‘Fascists’, even understand that any ‘real’ attempts to overthrow America will likely be met with an overwhelming and fully lawful response from pro-Trump Americans all across the country? 

As Free Republic reported back on August 15 of 2017, so-called ‘antifa’, and the group ‘Refuse Fascism’, are actually the ‘Revolutionary Communist Party’s’ new front groups, partially funded by Nazi-sympathizer George Soros himself. And while Refuse Fascism attempts to paint the coming ‘attempt at Revolution’ on November 4th as ‘peaceful’, all Americans need to do is take a look at what happens when ‘antifa terrorists’ get together in large groups – all hell inevitably breaks loose with death threats issued over the freedom to speak freely, fires set and chaos unleashed. 

And as we see in the antifa flyer seen above making its way around the internet, antifa has now launched ‘operation incognito’ with stolen MAGA hats allegedly being distributed while antifa urges their supporters to ‘hide in plain sight’. 

With continuous cries of ‘crush Nazi skulls’ coming from many on the left during their ‘protests’ as Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on October 28th, do ‘antifa’ and ‘refuse fascism’ think that peaceful, law-abiding people being attacked by them will simply sit back and allow themselves to be plundered? If that’s what ‘antifa’ thinks the pro-America, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Trump crowds will do, simply sit back and take a beating, they probably have another thing coming. 

While ANP stands strongly against the use of violence, we are also very strongly pro-self defense. So should domestic terrorists attempt to impose their violent will upon Americans (as they themselves say, they will continue to march and ‘protest’ until President Trump and VP Pence are removed from office), there is no doubt in our minds that Americans across the country will do what they need to do to make sure their families and loved ones are protected. 

The fact that a recent FBI investigation determined that members of antifascist groups here in America recently met with ISIS at the G-20 meetings in Europe to plot the destruction of President Trump proves how closely antifa ties are to international terrorists. And as we’ve previously reported on ANP, we have absolute proof that Barack Obama provided funding to terrorist groups in Syria, a practice that President Trump put a stop to. 

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