Friday, November 27, 2020

Tag: Small Things Can Be Biggest Problems

Small Things Can Be Biggest Problems


by SF, Survival Blog:

Several years ago, I used to be a regular contributor on SurvivalBlog. Then in 2011, I bought my dream property and began prepping in earnest.

It is completely off grid with spring-fed water, solar panels and propane generator for power, wood stove for heat, composting toilets, and satellite for Internet and phone. In that time I found that it was the small things that were the biggest problems.

Tick Season

During tick season, I’d have five ticks on me just from a moment in the garden. One bite got infected. My whole arm swelled up. If it were not for antibiotics, who knows what would have happened. Now, I wear white tickproof clothing into the garden during tick season and have plenty of tick tweezers handy.