Monday, November 23, 2020

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Are They Coming for Your Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin? with Martin Armstrong

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Martin Armstrong returns to talk about the post election landscape… Could the country be locked down? Mass destruction of small businesses. Is it a deliberate crushing of the economy to implement the Great Reset. Socialism is collapsing. All their programs are unfunded and there’s no ability to fund them. Negative interests rates and mass monetization have failed. Accoding to Martin they’re looking at Communism 3.0. See Klaus Schwaab. They can’t sell bonds any more and they can’t fund pension. The only way out is to take everything. The biggest propaganda ever. At this point is this like the end of the Roman Republic. Just as they attacked Caesar for crossing the Rubicon.

Danged If You Do And Danged If You Don’t: It’s Almost TOO LATE For Gold, Silver, Skills & Preps!

from Silver Doctors:

Do you want to THRIVE during the collapse of the United States, or do you want Economic Misery & Financial Ruin?

In 2008, half of the country thought they found “Hope” in Obama.

They got sold down the river.

In 2016, half of the country thought they could “Make America Great Again”.

They’ve nearly all gotten sold down the river.