Friday, March 5, 2021

Tag: Shocking video shows “Science March” morons trying to destroy the signs of skeptics… censorship is now their entire “argument”

Shocking video shows “Science March” morons trying to destroy the signs of skeptics… censorship is now their entire “argument”

by Robert Jonathan, Natural News:

The tolerant, inclusive, free-speech-loving left lived up to its stellar reputation yet again this past spring during the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C.

Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, who is fond of traveling by private jet and luxury yacht, was one of the thousands of people in attendance. Marchers apparently left a pile of environmentally unfriendly garbage behind. This comes in sharp contrast to Tea Party groups, for example, who often left their venues cleaner than when they arrived.

A George Soros-funded, anti-Trump event, organizers reportedly gave climate skeptics the runaround in the issuance of media credentials and denied entry to a billboard truck containing banners questioning man-made climate change. Marchers even allegedly challenged the driver to fisticuffs, Climate Depot claimed.

A banner held by members of the Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) organization that read “Climate Science is Not Settled” particularly angered the marchers, Climate Depot added.

Many marchers either blocked the sign, harassed the people holding it or ran into it with their bodies, all in an attempt to silence any skeptical message. Many marchers grabbed the banner and tried to take it down to the ground and physically stood in front of it to prevent anyone from reading the message. CFACT expected that bringing skeptical signs to the march would provoke discussion, but it instead provoked outright hostility.

See video clip below.

Former U.S. Senate staffer Marc Morano of Climate Depot recalled how interview opportunities in the media area fell through once he was outed as a climate skeptic. Morano says he even encountered a volunteer in the hospitality tent who initially withheld something as mundane as the cream for his coffee when another volunteer accused him of being a so-called climate denier.

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