Monday, November 23, 2020

Tag: Russiagate – The Slow Drip of the Coup to Take over Russia

Russiagate – The Slow Drip of the Coup to Take over Russia

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Little by little the truth is starting to surface with respect to the blackmail of Yeltsin and the attempt to take over Russia during the 2000 election. Now the former British National Crime Agency international corruption boss, Jon Benton, says he was ordered to stop an investigation into Russian money laundering. He was the head of the UK international corruption. He says that a senior official from the Foreign Office told him to shut down his investigation. Why?

The Daily Mail has reported that his perspective was that the Government was not tackling Vladimir Putin’s cronies who stash their wealth overseas. Benton claims he was given a 37-page dossier about London-based money laundering by Russian crime syndicates linked to the Kremlin. The entire problem is that he has, unintentionally, misinterpreted the order to shut the investigation down. That directive was not to protect Putin’s friends, but to prevent the truth coming out about the attempt to stage a coup led by the New York bankers to seize control of Russia.