Friday, November 27, 2020

Tag: Psychological and Physical Survival – Part 3

Psychological and Physical Survival – Part 3


by K.B. MD, Survival Blog:


Yesterday, in Part 2 we covered disaster’s effects such as depression, grief, and PTSD. Today in Part 3, we will focus on numerous preventive strategies. It is imperative to work proactively at protecting the psychological health of your entire group. This will require advance study and forethought for some unless you are blessed to have an individual in your group with medical and/or counseling experience to call upon. Nevertheless, it is crucial to think, read, and plan for psychological stress management as we do for other aspects of survival. Also keep in mind that these are skills and preparations that you definitely will use as an individual during your life even if there is no disaster or TEOTWAWKI. We will all face stress and loss which we will endure more successfully with some of the skills covered below and which will assist us in helping others in our homes and communities.