Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Tag: Politics is Politics for Paedophile People

Politics is Politics for Pedophile People

Politics is Politics for Pedophile People, or How MI-5 Paedophiles Undermine the USA & Fund ISIS

by Mark Anthony Taylor, Steemit:

What stands out in the letter (below) is that MI-5 knows that the British government has given a £2 billion ($2.68 billion) loan extension to the Saudis as part of a package to convince them to do business with HSBC. Given that the UK could well have better spent that money on bullion or bitcoin then the British taxpayer has surely been swindled yet again and exposed to a default risk in an uncertain financial climate merely to create a false demand for HSBC services. HSBC is a private corporation founded by the Rothschild-Sassoon Opium Empire and now receives more in bailouts than it pays in taxes. It was involved with Deutsche Bank in a £65 billion money laundering operation, which was covered up for a year by the misdeeds of charlatan and Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett. Burnett had dismissed my appeals for my lawsuit in 2016 as a scurrilous ‘collateral attack on the banking system’. It was only the fact that the Financial Times leaked a secret FCA memo that we know about that fraud at all and Burnett would have gotten away with us none the wiser and the banks laughing all the way to themselves.