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‘Powerful Enough To Do Whatever We Want’: A Journalist’s Escape From Socialist Venezuela, Part 1

by Luis Francisco Orozco, The Daily Caller:

This piece is the first installment of a two-part story. These articles document a Venezuelan journalist’s struggle to flee the failing state and survive in a place where journalists are often under serious threat of bodily harm. Some names have been changed in order to protect those involved.

It all started in 2014 on a rainy night in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo, a couple of months after the detention of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. The nationwide protests and the violent events were a turning point in the country’s modern history.

Making the Best of Powdered Milk, Part 1


by JR, Survival Blog:


love including powdered milk in my food storage plan for my family.  I love it because nobody else does.  Nobody wants it, now or ever.  People who have had it never want it again, and people who have not had it are not that into eating healthy or storing food anyway, so there are no worries from them either.

But still, powdered milk is like the ugly stepchild of food storage.  Nobody wants it.  Just thinking about it is probably giving you the willies.

Well, let’s change that!  First off, let’s discuss nutritional needs.  Teens and adults are recommended to store 20 pounds of dry milk per year.  This is only used in baking and cooking.  There is absolutely none for pouring on cereal or drinking.  None for making yogurt or banana cream pie.

Eight Reasons to Buy Gold Today, Part 1

by Nick Giambruno, Casey Research:

Justin’s note: If you read yesterday’s Dispatch, you know gold is ripping higher…

And as you’ll see today and tomorrow, this trend is only beginning.

Casey Report chief analyst Nick Giambruno recently laid out eight specific catalysts that will send gold on an epic rally… its biggest in 50 years.

He says we’re on the cusp of a new monetary era… one that will put gold back in its rightful place at the center of the international monetary system. And now is the time to take advantage.

Doug Casey and E.B. Tucker on the Climate Change Hoax, Part 1

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:

Not many people would go out on record and say this. After all, the idea of man-made climate change is practically universally accepted at this point, at least among the general public.

But Doug Casey says this notion is nothing more than hysteria. Strategic Investor editor E.B. Tucker shares this controversial opinion.

So I recently got them both on the phone to discuss this matter. Doug and E.B. had so much to say that we decided to run the interview as a special, two-part Conversations with Casey. Look for the second part of this discussion tomorrow.

The Delusions of MAGA, Part 1

by David Stockman, David Stockman’s Contra Corner:

The Donald took to some bragging during yesterday’s annual tax filing moment—-assuring America’s oppressed taxpayers that happier times beckon. In fact, he insinuated that MAGA is not just a slogan. By his lights, apparently, we are already living the dream. To wit:

On this Tax Day, America is strong and roaring back. Paychecks are climbing. Tax rates are going down. Businesses are investing in our great country. And most important, the American people are winning.

So our purpose in this multi-part series is to beg to differ. Profoundly.

The Donald is not leading America to the promised land. Instead, he’s leading it to war abroad, fiscal and economic calamity at home and a crisis of governance that pales Watergate into insignificance.

The Deep State Closes In On The Donald, Part 1


by David Stockman, David Stockman’s Contra Corner:

Perhaps we have missed something: Like the possibility that the canyons of Wall Street are actually located on another planet several light years from earth!

Otherwise, how can you explain the equipoise of a stock market sitting at the tippy-top of a nine-year bubble expansion and confronted with the potential outbreak of World War Three?

Folks, like some alien abductors, the Deep State has taken the Donald hostage, and with ball-and-chain finality. Whatever pre-election predilection he had to challenge the Warfare State has apparently been completely liquidated.

Trump’s early AM tweet today, in fact, embodies the words of a man who had more than a few screws loose when he took the oath, but under the relentless pounding of the Imperial City’s investigators, partisans, apparatchiks and lynch-mob media has now gone stark raving mad. To wit:

Now It Begins—America’s State Wreck Gathers Steam, Part 1


by David Stockman, David Stockman’s Contra Corner:

Now it begins. They bought the February 8th dip just like the previous 40 odd plungelets in the stock averages since the March 2009 bottom, expecting another ka-ching in the easy money lane of the casino.

But this time it didn’t work. The market had been retreating for days and then tumbled 724 Dow points yesterday allegedly on the Donald’s $50 billion tariff assault on the China trade. Not surprisingly, the overnight follow-through in Asia was downright bloody with Shanghai down 3.4%, the Nikkei lower by 4.5% and China’s NASDAQ equivalent off by more than 5%.

But this isn’t just a case of nerves in the trading pits about a potential trade war, nor is it one of those pauses that refresh from the Wall Street bromide cabinet. And it’s most definitely not the shaking out of “weak hands” that the talking heads of bubblevision trot out when all else fails to explain a swoon in the averages.

Gold and Gold Stocks – Patterns, Cycles and Insider Activity, Part 1

by Pater Tenebrarum, Acting Man:

Repeating Patterns and Positioning

A noteworthy confluence of patterns in gold and gold stocks is in evidence this year. At the close of trading on December 26, the HUI Index has given a (tentative) buy signal by completing a unique chart pattern, which is why we decided to briefly discuss the situation. As usual, things are not as straightforward and simple as they would ideally be, but there is always an element of uncertainty – one has to accept that as a given. Let us look at a chart illustrating one of said patterns:

This chart shows the gold price, the weekly net hedger position in gold futures (the inverse of the net speculative position), with the Fed’s December rate hikes in 2015, 2016 and 2017 highlighted by red vertical lines. Keep in mind that the December 2015 hike was the start of the current rate hike campaign. In the weeks leading up to it, the gold market was in the grip of a bearish hysteria, just as it approached a major lateral support level. Nearly every day Bloomberg, Reuters and other mainstream financial media published articles by “experts” no-one had ever heard of before (or since!), along with reports from analysts working for various well-known investment banks, all of whom stridently insisted that the beginning rate hike cycle was going to be the most bearish thing that could possibly befall the gold market, and that a further collapse in prices was nearly certain to coincide with it. Not surprisingly, the exact opposite has happened. You were definitely not surprised if you were reading this blog at the time – see for instance “Gold and the Federal Funds Rate”. As we pointed out therein: “[The] guessers at SocGen might actually have improved their statistical odds a bit if they had said “now that the Fed is hiking rates, gold prices should rise”. As noted in the chart annotation, in all three years gold prices declined into a December low, seemingly driven by fear of the coming rate hike and then proceeded to rally in a typical “buy the news” scenario. The declines tended to lower net speculative long positions to levels conducive to a renewed advance. So far the gold price lows coinciding with these rate hikes are increasing by approximately $100 per year. We expect this uptrend to accelerate noticeably once the rate hike campaign is unceremoniously thrown overboard. ETA: sometime next year, the precise timing depends on when the asset bubble peaks and reverses – the clock is ticking on that – click to enlarge.

Naturally, there is no guarantee that the December low will once again result in a playable multi-week (or even better) rally this year, but so far things look actually good for that idea. Here is a chart showing the moves in the HUI index and gold prices over the past 2 years and 7 months (i.e., including the drawn-out bottoming period from July 2015 to January 2016).

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Long-Term Preparedness for Your Baby or Toddler, Part 1


from Survival Blog:

Feeding Your Baby or Small Child

Consider feeding your baby or small child in the midst of tropical storms, flooding, and with threats from nuclear testing. As world events are painting an increasingly grim picture, my husband and I have felt the urgency to set aside some backup resources in case of a long-term emergency. My husband is the “must-have-a-plan-for-everything” kind of guy. Therefore, he has excitedly mapped out our emergency storage space, along with the details of its contents. He is an avid “outdoorsman”, so many of the items that we would need for long-term preparedness are either already in our arsenal or familiar to him in some capacity.

But, when we found out we were expecting a baby, it added a whole other level of things to consider. How do you feed a baby or toddler in a long-term emergency? What about diapers? Medicine? With my background of farming, gardening, and canning, suddenly, my areas of expertise became valuable for our emergency storage preparation. Below are a few of the things that I find essential to have on hand when preparing to sustainably care for a baby or toddler in a long-term emergency situation.

Home-canned Foods

It is widely known that home-canned foods are some of the most nutritional options for long-term storage. Typically, with a shelf-life of 2-5 years, these should remain healthful long past the time required for feeding a baby or toddler. Before our baby girl was born, I took advantage of the abundant autumn produce at our local farmers market. I purchased a bounty of winter squash, organic carrots, and pears and took them home to put away for storage. Even though we are not in an emergency situation at this time, I am very grateful that I took the initiative to do this because those foods are a daily staple for us right now when she’s eight months old! Even though our daughter might move on to more normal food soon, I plan on replenishing my supply this fall to set aside enough resources for future children.

Balanced Diet and Essential Vitamins and Minerals

When planning for emergency storage, it’s important to include foods that allow a balanced diet and provide essential vitamins and minerals for your baby or toddler. It sounds gross to those of us with spoiled taste buds, but my eight month old daughter loves liver, and it provides the healthy amounts of iron that she needs to grow strong bones and teeth. It’s ideal to purchase grass-fed organic liver to feed your baby.

This is because the liver is a filtering organ, and you want to make sure that you aren’t feeding your child junk. Raw pack pressure canning is my chosen storage method because all of the nutrients are cooked together and not leached out by pre-boiling. This means that the “broth” left in the jar after the food is consumed is full of healthy vitamins and minerals. I often use this broth as a cooking liquid for quinoa or oatmeal for my baby and it is fun to know that I am giving her more vitamins than I would be providing with just plain water.

Not Puréed Food

Another thing you might notice is that I do not store puréed foods. The reason is that I think it is essential for babies to learn how to use their chewing mechanism as soon as possible. When you pressure can raw items, the long, high pressure cooking will make them soft enough that they will turn into mush if you pinch them between your fingers. You always want to double check this before feeding to your infant to make sure it isn’t a choking hazard. Personally, I prefer being able to pick up bite sized chunks of soft food with my fingers (and teach her how to do that herself) rather than feed my baby purée’s with a spoon. Any of these pressure canned items can easily be mashed into a rough purée, if you prefer!

Amounts and Options

When considering the amount to store, I plan on one pint jar of food per day while breastfeeding and two jars of food per day post-breastfeeding.

While these aren’t the only options, we keep the following items to feed our baby in our emergency storage space:

  • Butternut squash and carrots contain lots of vitamin A, protein, calcium, vitamin C, carbohydrates and many other vitamins and minerals that are essential for a baby’s health.
  • Bone broth is packed full of naturally occurring gelatin that is great for developing muscles, bones, joints and teeth. It is a great addition to a baby’s diet.
  • Quinoa is a high protein, high fiber, iron and vitamin rich grain that is healthful and filling. It is also one of the most soft, allergy friendly and palatable grain options for babies and small children.
  • Pears are high in fiber and vitamin C. These are a great treat for my baby girl, and they are easy to chew and sweet to the taste.
  • Grass fed liver and red meats are a surprising suggestion for babies, but they are inarguably one of the best foods to give a child for iron and protein content. Just ensure that you give your baby small enough pieces for them to swallow, as liver tends to be a bit chewy after pressure canning.

As an additional resource, a very helpful dry-stored food item that we keep on hand is organic oatmeal. This can be cooked in the leftover juices from any of these canned items, and it makes a very healthy option to use to stretch your canned goods. Properly packaged, oatmeal will safely store for a long time.

Basic Recipes

Below, you can find my basic recipe that I use to can various baby foods! Please keep in mind that canning must be done in a clean, sterile environment, while ensuring that the inside of the jar and the lid remains sterile until sealed. If I do anything that causes me to doubt whether or not something has been compromised, I clean and sterilize them again!

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